5 Haunted Places to Visit in Conwy, North Wales

NIA JONES gives us a rundown of Conwy’s most haunted places to visit

Conwy Castle

Conwy Castle

A site of outstanding medieval architecture, built for King Edward I around 1283-87AD Conwy Castle has a long and bloody history of battles and struggles, the beautiful castle still stands after all its years of turbulence and is always filled with visitors. Once upon a time it is believed there stood a holy monastery near the castle in Conwy, two spectral hooded and robed monks have been reported appearing within the castle walls and standing along the turrets, sometimes even spotted nearby on the quayside. The monks seem stationary, hanging in the air with no feet; they have no real facial features just  pale outlines with dark craters for eyes.So strong and terrifying is the presence of these ghostly monks, dogs have refused to be walked by their owners within the castle grounds, dragging back towards the castle gate in frenzy. Some say that the appearance the monks are an omens that foretell a disaster about to befall the area.

Plas Mawr, Elizabethan Town House

Plas Mawr

Plas Mawr translated as ‘The Great Manor’ was built for influential squire Robert Wynn between 1577-1580; the legend goes that Robert Wynn was away, his heavily pregnant wife and infant son waited in the tower for his return. The tower became too cold and Lady Wynn ventured downstairs holding her son, she slipped, both were badly injured and taken to the Lantern Room. Their usual doctor was unavailable so a less experienced doctor came that couldn’t treat them, but the servants locked him in the room with them. When Wynn arrived home he rushed to the Lantern Room to find his wife, son and new-born child dead, the doctor nowhere to be seen.  Beside himself with grief and vengeance he vowed to hunt down the doctor, he never did find him as he had escaped via the chimney and died there. Robert Wynn, Lady Wynn and the doctor is said to haunt Plas Mawr. Strange noises are often reported coming from the Lantern Room, footsteps are heard, misty faces are seen in windows, doors swing open and the smell of tobacco fills the air, also a ghostly black cat has been seen darting across the floor.

Author: Nia Jones

NIA JONES is Spooky Isles Assistant Editor and Wales Correspondent. She is a playwright and writer who has written for many different publications including The Guardian Community Film Blog, The New Empress magazine, The Best You.co and Inside Media Track. Follow her on Twitter @niaserenwib

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