The Hellraiser Marathon – It’ll Tear Your Soul Apart

Happy Birthday Pinhead!

To celebrate Hellraiser’s 25th Birthday, ANDREW GARVEY sat down to watch its sequels spiral downward into hell. Forunately he survived the marathon and wrote this …

Having watched the first two films to mark the 25th anniversary of the original’s release (both reviewed here and here) I set about watching the ensuing seven sequels.  That’s seven films, several of which are widely regarded as lucky to even earn straight-to-DVD status, altogether running for about six hundred and fifteen minutes, or a whopping ten and a quarter hours.

All watched in four sittings.

Why would I do this?  So you don’t have to.  And because no matter how bad some of these sequels may be, Hellraiser – as a concept and in at least some of its execution – will forever remain a classic of British horror cinema.

Please, read and enjoy.  I have seen such sights and must tell you of them.

Author: Andrew Garvey

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