Tag: Clive Barker

Clive Barker (born 1952) is a England horror and fantasy writer and film director, best known for Hellraiser (1987).


40 Common Dreams and Their Meanings

Dream Meanings
Dreams are a mysterious and fascinating part of our lives, and in this article, we explore the meanings behind 40 of the most common dreams.

Horror Film Confessions of TV Bassist, Dave Swift

Horror fan Dave Swift and Sara Karloff
TV bassist Dave Swift is a huge classic horror film fan

The Mysterious Coffin of Thatcham

St Marys' Thatcham
NICOLA CARPENTER describes the gruesome discovery of a mummified baby during renovations of a church in Thatcham, Berkshire

Highgate’s Top 5 Haunted Places to Visit, according to David Farrant

DAVID FARRANT gives his five top haunted places to visit in Highgate, London's most spooky suburb

Jack the Ripper … from Hull?

MIKE COVELL tells how Ripper mania spread to Hull following the Whitechapel murders in 1888
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