7 Irish Horror Films You Probably Don’t Know

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When one thinks of an Irish horror film,  the stereotypical Leprechaun movie springs to mind, However with more recent productions such as Shrooms, Byzantium and Stitches raising their heads, here are some other movies which may have fallen through the horror net over the years, according to CHRIS RUSH.

The Daisy Chain (2008)

Starring Samantha Morton & Steven Mackintosh.

This movie revolves around a couple who, following the death of their baby daughter move to an isolated Irish village. After some time they decide to open their home to a young orphaned girl named Daisy. It takes Daisy some time to adapt to her new surroundings following the violent deaths of her parents and soon unexplainable occurrences begin to manifest, leaving her new found family wondering is there more to her than meets the eye.

Isolation (2005)

Starring Essie Davies, Sean Harris & Marcel Iures.

Dan is a farmer who has fallen on hard times and decides to allow a scientist carry out an experiment on the farm to help increase cattle fertilisation. Following the birth and attaches by an abomination, they decide to kill it. During the examination of the carcass it is discovered that it too is pregnant and also is destroyed. However a monstrosity escapes and measures must be then taken to prevent the infection spreading.

Dead Meat (2004)

Starring Eoin Whelan, Marian Araujo & David Muyllaert.

This Irish zombie flick centres on Helena and Marin, two friends, who, while travelling through Leitrim knock a man down with their car. While checking on the body, it suddenly reanimates and bites the shocked man. Helena seeks help and is herself soon attacked by her zombified friend and realises that the entire area is overrun with the blood thirsty fiends. Helena encounters a gravedigger and both cross the countryside seeking refuge from the bodies which have been resurrected due to mad cow disease.

Wake Wood (2009)

Starring Aidan Gillen & Eva Birthistle.

A grieving couple seek comfort with a pagan ritual which will grant them three more days with their daughter following her tragic death. Once conditions have been agreed with the conjurer Alice, their daughter is brought back to life, however during the three days strange occurrences begin to happen and what will they do when she has to die again?  Read review of Wake Wood here.

The Hallow (2015)

Starring Joseph Mawle, Bojana Novakovic & Michael McElhatton.

The Hallow tells the tale of a family who move into a remote house situated in woodland. However the sweet moving process does not last long as the family is soon bombarded by the demonic entities which lurk in the woods around them. Read review of The Hallow here.

Grabbers (2012)

Starring, Richard Coyle & Ruth Bradley.

This Irish horror installment is set on the Arran Islands off the coast of Ireland. Following numerous dead whales washing up on the shoreline, locals themselves begins to strangely disappear soon afterwards. Police quickly discover that the small island is being targeted by sea dwelling creatures and there is only one way to survive their attacks – alcohol! Read review of Grabbers here.

From the Dark (2014)

Starring Niamh Algar & Stephen Cromwell.

This movie is based on a couple who are embarking on a road trip around the beautiful Irish countryside, which quickly turns ugly when they become prey to a creature which only hunts at night.
With Ireland continually being used as a prime location for many high budget movies, one hopes that Hollywood’s horror directors will look towards Ireland in the future to take advantage of its hauntingly beautiful countryside and writers just waiting to be recognised.

Have you seen any of these Irish horror films? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!


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