Amberley Castle Hotel, Haunted By Emily And Other Spectres

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Amberley Castle Hotel in West Sussex is one very haunted place, full of history and plenty of paranormal phenomenon, says RICK HALE

Amberley Castle Postcard

With a history going back over 900 years the Grade I listed Amberely Castle Hotel in Arundel, West Sussex is considered to be one of the top 10 hotels in the world.

However, a stay at this luxury hotel is not without consequence. Amberely Castle Hotel is home to a very unfriendly and frightening ghost.

History of Amberely Castle Hotel

Long before the castle became the luxury hotel it is today, the land it sits upon has a long and voluminous history.

The site the castle sits upon was given to the See of Selsey by Caedwalla, King of Wessex in 683 CE.

Following the aggressive and destructive Norman invasion, the Bishoprick was moved to Chichester.

The land however remained in possession of the bishops of Chichester.

The first known structure was a wooden lodge built by Ralph de Luffa in 1103.

The lodge stood for well over two centuries until 1377, when it was demolished by William Reade to make way for a fortified building to stand against invasion.

Over the centuries the castle has witnessed a great deal of bloodshed.

During the civil war, Cromwell discovered Amberely Castle was occupied by Royalist forces and attacked. 20 feet of wall was destroyed in the onslaught.

After the restoration of the monarchy, the hotel passed through many hands eventually being converted into a luxury hotel in 1988.

The Haunting of Amberely Castle Hotel

With such a long history it should come as no surprise that Amberely Castle is reportedly haunted.

It’s widely believed that several trapped souls are forced to wander Amberely’s corridors for all time.

But there is one ghost in particular that makes her presence known daily. And according to those who have encountered her, she is frightening to behold.

Emily’s Tale Of Woe

According to legend, a young girl came to work at the castle several centuries ago.

While going about her daily chores of cooking and cleaning, Emily found herself flirting with the handsome Bishop in residence.

Soon their flirtations turned to clandestine meetings in quiet out of the way areas of the castle.

Or sneaking out of the castle to meet in the nearby woods to express their love for each other. The two became inseparable.

Emily haunts Amberley Castle Hotel, along with a range of other spectres.
Emily haunts Amberley Castle Hotel, along with a range of other spectres.

Then the inevitable happened, Emily discovered to her dismay that she was pregnant.

An unenviable situation for any young, unmarried woman to be in at the time.

There was only one person who could possibly be the father, her lover, the Bishop.

She would have to tell him. Perhaps he would continue to love her and the two could run away and be together forever. Sadly, she was wrong.

When she approached the bishop, and told him the news, he immediately rejected her and their unborn child.

Hopelessly heartbroken by the turn of events, Emily did the only thing she could think of.

She ran to the highest point of the castle and in an act of desperation jumped to her death.

Her blood staining the ground of the castle for all time.

Emily’s Frightful Ghost

Since opening the doors to the public as a hotel, several encounters with the ghost of a young woman was reported by staff and guests.

Emily’s bloodied and battered ghost has been witnessed wandering the halls screaming a mournful cry.

Mixed with the laughter of a person gone completely mad.

Emily appears to favour the Herstmonceux Room, where she is known to awaken guests from their slumber by sitting on the bed or standing over them.

Several guests have fled the room in the middle of the night in terror, refusing to return for their belongings until the sun peeks over the horizon.

Emily Is Not Alone

The frightening ghost of Emily is not alone in haunting Amberely Castle Hotel. She has spectral companions.

Voices of men shouting have been heard ringing throughout the castle. As well as the sound of running footsteps.

It is possible that these sounds are the long dead soldiers preparing themselves for battle against Cromwell and his forces.

Caught for all time in the very stones that make up Amberely Castle.

What The Hotel Offers

Situated near the charming village of Amberely, Amberely Castle is a hotel well known for its luxury as well as it’s hospitality.

Amberely Castle Hotel has 19 tastefully decorated en-suite rooms.

The hotel further offers an award winning restaurant sure to excite any culinary enthusiast.

Out and About

The landscape and gardens surrounding this luxury hotel is world famous for its picturesque beauty.

And the very haunted Arundel Castle is located nearby and opened daily for tours and jousting tournaments.

Amberley Castle Hotel is near Arundel, West Sussex BN18 9LT. Tell us if you see a ghost at the castle in the comments section!


  1. But it has to be said, they still produce an excellent lunch. I went on a corporate day there with my employers some years ago and it is stunning. (could never have afforded it otherwise!)

  2. My husband caught video of her last Sunday. She doesn’t appear to be frightening at all but she does seem to be extremely young. Like 12-14 years old. I wish a little more research could be done and the narrative be researched for abuse.


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