Ashley Darkwood: Ghosts, Demons and Multiverses


Ashley Darkwood is the founder of Darkwood Productions and High Wycombe Paranormal. He talks to JOHN AMBROSE MARTIN about his work as a medium, tour guide and paranormal investigator.

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Ashley Darkwood at the Royal Standard of England in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire

Interview with Ashley Darkwood

JOHN AMBROSE MARTIN: So Ashley, you are a para-researcher, historian, medium, actor and stuntman. The Tom Cruise of the paranormal world, is that right?

ASHLEY DARKWOOD: (Laughs) I wish I had his money. What I like to focus on or specialise in is the resolution of paranormal events. Specialise is my main focus. 

JAM: What kind of events?

AD: Private clients mostly, I don’t do ghost hunt type events. Currently, I am supporting three or four families. They are coming to me because they know I believe in the afterlife.

JAM: Can you give us an example?

AD: Well, I’m not a sceptic, I do believe. If you want a sceptic, call Ciaran O’Keeffe. Ciarian has taught me an awful lot, we live in the same town. It’s an education being with him, like when we drive together to the airport for an event.We are not opposites though, in that I too will always look for a rational explanation first and foremost.

I was dealing with a mother and daughter. The daughter was ill for three months straight and the mother was having nightmares. They had paid a medium to visit and the medium decided the cause of all the trouble was a demonic portal! 

I arrived and within minutes just using my EMF and K2 I found the cause.The house was bleeding electromagnetic radiation. 

JAM: It was wired wrong then?

AD: Yep, wired wrong, the radiators were conducting radiation. The daughter was sleeping with her pillow next to a radiator. Her brain was being fried like her head was in a microwave. I pulled up a document on EMF exposure and sent it to the mother. I told her to show it to her GP as they had been looking for something in the blood, bacterial, viral.

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JAM: So they needed an electrician, not an exorcist?

AD: Exactly! I told them if it was still happening after the electrician and GP have done their bit I would be straight back. 

JAM: So how would you describe what happens when it comes to private investigations?

AD: It’s about debunking first. Nine out of 10 have a rational explanation, although I’m not really a statistician. One out of 10 are something more and mostly its loved ones coming back to make communication. The first thing I ask is what’s happened in your life past year?

For example, a grandmother may have passed. Is it possible your grandmother is around, if objects are being moved? Why would you be scared of granny? If she was alive and knocked on the door you’d let her in for a cup of tea. Why not now? She’s moving things around trying to get your attention. Things like that. Nearest and dearest coming back to hang around and be acknowledged. Only a tiny fraction of paranormal activity is problematic. 

JAM: What would you call them? 

AD: Demonic is very much a Catholic thing. All cultures have their own versions and ways of dealing with troublesome spirits, human or otherwise. Native Americans, Aborigines, all have unpleasant dark entities. I believe they are around and cause problems but a tiny, tiny fraction of a percent. The majority of people don’t need to worry about it. When it does happen, yes it needs to be dealt with. 

JAM: Do you think these entities, for example, Christians and the devil, do you believe there is a hierarchy there? Or are they solo?

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AD: Like the ocean with minnows and sharks. If there are enough minnows, they will attract a shark. Low level demonic entities are weak, not very powerful and will allow in something much bigger. 

I like to liken things to biology. If you have an open wound and there is an infection, if left, it can let in a bigger infection. Biology is a good basis. Not a hierarchy of command, but of power. Like in nature. Rodents, prey animals and predators. It seems in dark realms, most entities are quite weak, not problematic as a rule but you don’t want too many- you don’t want that shark!

JAM: What do you think about the whole perception of multiverses?

AD: I  don’t believe in heaven and hell, even though I’m a medium. But I believe consciousness continues in another dimension. Christians world might perceive that as heaven, other faiths too, I believe in the dimension. Take religion out of it and there are several dimensions after that. I believe in the Multiverse theory of Stephen Hawking. Other dimensions exist, but, through restrictions in evolution, they can never get here. They do however, have psychic ability so they can transcend and cause trouble. 

JAM: Do you think modern science will ever catch up?

AD: I think it can, I just don’t think it wants to. If you start believing in an afterlife, then the power goes back to the church. At the moment science is enjoying the power. Enjoying control. oil, weapons, tech, internet companies, they are in control. If you admit there is an afterlife, whatever that person’s base religion is, they will go back to their church or mosque or synagogue. People will equate that afterlife to the existence of their God. Science doesn’t want that, even though psychics admit there is probably an infinite number of universes. It is not in science’s interest to admit there is an afterlife. 

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