Brigid Goode, Irish Ghosts and Gettysburg VIDEO


Paranormal investigator Brigid Goode talks to Spooky Isles about her paranormal career and why she loves Ireland as a spooky place!‪

Brigid Goode is a Gettysburg-based experienced paranormal investigator, historic researcher and haunted location scout for paranormal based mainstream television production.

She is the founder of Ghost Gals and a published author who works closely with TV’s Ghost Nation and has appeared on camera in recent episodes, applying her expertise to the strangest cases of supernatural encounters.

She talks to Spooky Isles’ Irish editor Ann Massey about her decades as a seasoned paranormal investigator, her work with paranormal favourite Jason Hawes, the diversification of her team and how her eclectic heritage as well as her scientific career have influenced her investigative approach.

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