Chilling Caerphilly Castle’s Ghosts and Hauntings


Caerphilly Castle has a reputation for being one of the most haunted places to visit in South Wales. CALLUM CAMPBELL takes a look…

Caerphilly Castle in South Wales

Caerphilly Castle holds claim to the prestigious title of being the biggest castle in Wales. It also holds a terrifying bat-like creature, which is known as a Gwrach y Rhybin and the tragic and lonely spirit that is the remnant of Lady Alice de la March. 

These two lurking spirits are similar in the regard that they will strike fear into any one who sets eye upon them, however, forgiven from each other as one seeks to brutally dismember and devour anyone it encounters whereas Alice de la March, the wailing spirit simply sulks in eternal gloom. Read on for more about these paranormal beings.  

Constructed sometime in the 13th century, Caerphilly Castle was a formidable symbol of power that helped its commissioner, Gilbert de Clare, establish his violent dominion over the Glamorgan region of Wales.

It’s concentric design was the first to be found in Britain and the expansive aquatic defences around the perimeter are entirely man-made. Noted historian Allen Brown has called it the best in all of Britain. 

Horrors of Caerphilly Castle

The first denizen of this crumbling keep is a monstrous being which has shrivelled skin stretched over it’s bony and sinewy body, batlike wings, blackened teeth like burnt matchsticks and wiry arms that are horribly unproportionately long to the rest of its body.

It is a fiend of the night named Gwrach y Rhibyn and swoops through the air, screeching into the night when a loved one is about to die. 

This aspect of this beast is similar to the Irish Banshee, however, the similarities end when you are aware that Gwrach y Rhibyn do not only predict deaths they also take them.

Yes, you must be wary at Caerphilly Castle for if you let your guard down this flying demon could glide down at any second and tear open your throat, letting all that bloody and gory goodness fly out of you and into its mouth. 

The second supernatural in this creepy keep is the trapped and tragic spectre of Alice de la March, a ill fated and tormented woman who continues “life” as a wailing and tortured ghost.

Glibert de Clare, founder of Caerphilly Castle

Our founder of Caerphilly Castle, Gilbert de Clare, was married to this French lass however she soon grew tired of her husband’s constant warmongering and numerous military conquests. 

When the castle was visited by a charming and less brutally minded noble, Gruffudd the Fair, the pair immediately fell in love and had numerous meetings beneath the nose of her butchering husband. 

Eventually the lovers were found out and handsome young Gruffudd was hanged while Lady Alice fled to France. 

While back in her homeland she received a letter informing her of golden Gruffudd’s death and she was so overwhelmed with shock and despair she collapsed and expired. 

Her wraith returned to Caerphilly Castle where she can be seen in a luminous emerald dress and gained some preternatural gifts. 

Upon death she developed an affinity with the ivy at Caerphilly and can shift to it, travel through it at great speed and will often offer her hand to be shook to passerbyers she likes. 

Her presence has made ivy grow at rampant rates around the castle so it might be said she has eyes everywhere. 

These malevolent presences make Caerphilly Castle a location that will chill you to the bone and set creeping fear trickling down your neck. 

Anyone that sets foot in this murderous location is either a foolish as a jester or as brave as a warrior. Either way, they’ll be in for a spooky time!

Have you been to Caerphilly Castle in South Wales? Tell us about your experience in the comments section below!

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