Ghostly Castle of Mey and the Queen Mother

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Discover the Haunted Castle of Mey in Caithness, where tragedy, tormented spirits and an connection to royalty create an tapestry of mystery

A photograph of the Queen Mother at Castle of Mey in Caithness, Scotland.
A photograph of the Queen Mother at Castle of Mey in Caithness, Scotland.

Nestled in the eerie and remote landscape of Caithness, Scotland, stands the hauntingly beautiful Castle of Mey, formerly known as Barrogill Castle.

Dating back to the 16th century, this castle exudes an air of mystery that sends shivers down the spines of those who dare to explore its dark corridors.

From its chilling history to its spectral inhabitants, Castle of Mey is a place where the line between the living and the dead seems to blur.

Hauntings of Castle of Mey

Among the long-forgotten chambers and hidden corners of Castle of Mey, a tragic tale of love and despair haunts the castle’s very foundations.

The legend of the Green Lady, the spectral apparition that roams the castle’s halls, is a tale of heartbreak and sorrow that transcends time.

In the days of yesteryear, Elizabeth Sinclair, the daughter of the 5th Earl of Caithness, fell madly in love with a lowly farm worker. He was a man her father deemed utterly unworthy of her noble blood. Driven by her unyielding love, Elizabeth defied her father’s wishes and secretly met with her forbidden suitor.

Furious upon discovering his daughter’s defiance, the Earl locked Elizabeth away in the tower room, hoping to quench the flames of her forbidden passion. But love, as they say, knows no bounds, and Elizabeth’s heartache only deepened within the cold confines of her prison.

Some say that it was desperation that led her to lean too far out of the tower window, yearning for a glimpse of her beloved working in the distant fields, only to lose her footing and plunge to her tragic end.

Others believe that the weight of her unrequited love became too unbearable, and she chose to end her suffering by flinging herself from the tower’s dark heights.

Whatever the truth may be, Elizabeth’s restless spirit, now known as the Green Lady, lingers on within Castle of Mey.

Witnesses have reported seeing her ethereal figure drifting sadly through the castle’s shadowy halls, her translucent form casting an eerie glow that chills the very marrow of the living.

Castle of Mey
Castle of Mey

Connection with the Queen Mother

In 1952, Castle Mey found an unlikely saviour in the form of royalty. Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.

Widowed after the passing of King George VI, The Queen Mother was drawn to the castle’s allure and historical grandeur. Determined to rescue it from its derelict state, she took it upon herself to restore the castle and breathe life back into its forgotten walls. (You can see her buying it in the first series of The Crown TV series.)

Little did The Queen Mother know that her presence would stir the restless spirits that dwelled within Castle of Mey.

As the Queen Mother lovingly restored the castle, the spirits seemed to awaken, and strange occurrences began to unfold.

Whispers in the night, cold gusts of wind where none should exist, and ghostly apparitions lurking in the shadows – these were just some of the chilling experiences reported by those who encountered the castle’s otherworldly inhabitants.

Despite the spectral presence, the Queen Mother persevered, turning Castle of Mey into her holiday home. Every August and October, she returned to the castle, undeterred by the supernatural phenomena that surrounded her.

Upon her passing in 2002, the Queen Mother’s legacy endured as she handed over the castle to the Queen Elizabeth Castle of Mey Trust.

Today, the castle opens its doors to the curious and the brave, allowing them to step back in time and encounter not just the regal history of the castle but also the lingering spirits that forever roam its haunted halls.

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