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British and Irish history is full of dark tales of royal ghosts. From the Tower of London to Hampton Court Palace to Glamis Castle, the halls of the residences are said to be haunted by the spirits of former monarchs and other noble (and ignoble) figures.

Royalty articles on Spooky Isles


Piseóg – The Curse of the Irish?

ANN MASSEY says eggs - piseogs - are at the core of evil Irish folk magick!

Who Was The Real Witchfinder General, Matthew Hopkins?

Matthew Hopkins
BARRY McCANN goes behind the legend to discover the real Witchfinder General, Matthew Hopkins

Is Bolam Lake home to Northumberland’s Man-Beast?

Does Northern England have its own Bigfoot? LEE D. MUNRO takes a look...

Who was Vlad the Impaler, the warlord who inspired Dracula?

Who was Vlad the Impaler
MATTI BEAL looks at Vlad the Impaler, the Transylvanian warlord that gave Dracula his name

House of the Long Shadows 1983 REVIEW

House of the Long Shadows
House of the Long Shadows 1983 is full of classic horror greats, but is it any good? TERRY SHERWOOD takes a look!
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