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Oswestry market town’s murderous dark past

The gory murder and possible crucifixation of a defeated king is behind the name of Oswestry, a Shropshire village and well, says PHILIP DAVIES
Warwick Castle, pictured here in 1908, has had a long and bloody history... and has plenty of ghosts!

Warwick Castle, a guide to its ghosts and haunted history

Warwick Castle has a rich and dark history, including plenty of ghosts says RICK HALE
King James IV of Scotland

10 Weird Things about King James IV of Scotland

Here are some strange facts about the 15th Century Scottish King James IV, from guest writer KEITH COLEMAN

Royal phantoms of haunted Hampton Court revealed

Hampton Court Palace - once owned by King Henry VIII - is a hive of paranormal activity. RICK HALE reveals its many hauntings...

Where to find the ghosts of King Henry VIII’s wives: A Paranormal Guide

Guest writer TAYLA McRAE lists the haunts of the ghostly former wives of King Henry VIII
linlithgow palace

Scottish royal phantoms and spectres still haunt Linlithgow Palace’s ghostly passages

RYAN O'NEILL investigates the royal hauntings of Linlithgow Palace in West Lothian, Scotland, including Mary Queen of Scots
Tower of London

16 spookiest Tower of London ghosts and hauntings

MJ STEEL COLLINS lists the most disturbing Tower of London ghosts and hauntings

Black dogs and other terrifying warnings of death

Guest writer K.B. GODDARD ponders the legends of portents of death around the Spooky Isles
Glamis Castle Scotland Earl Beardie, monster of glamis

Glamis Castle Ghosts: 10 Terrifying Facts

Glamis Castle has some dark secrets within its haunted halls, says guest writer KEITH COLEMAN
Mary Queen Scots Ghost

The Life and Afterlives of Mary Queen of Scots

MJ STEEL COLLINS takes an extensive look at the ghosts and haunted places associated with Mary Queen of Scots

Haunted Westminster Abbey: A Ghostly Guide

Westminster Abbey is full of ghosts. ANN MASSEY provides a guide to these abbey's paranormal activity!

10 historic disappearances that are still a mystery

NIA JONES tells us about 10 famous, yet inexplicable disappearances

England’s 10 Most Notable Graves

NIA JONES takes us on a virtual walk among the tombstones with 10 of England's Most Notable Graves
Princes in the Tower

What Happened to the Princes in The Tower?

JAY HOLLIS says Richard III has long been blamed for the murders of his young nephews but there's a question whether the Princes in the Tower were even killed at all!
Bram Stoker and the Legend of the Bisley Boy

Bram Stoker and the Legend of the Bisley Boy

NIA JONES recounts the intriguing tale of Bram Stoker and the Legend of the Bisley Boy

Royal Haunting at Blickling Hall, Norfolk

Anne Boleyn and her family are just some of the ghostly inhabitants of Blickling Hall in Norfolk, TRACY MONGER writes

As May 19th approaches… don’t lose your head

ISABELLE KING is counting down the days until 19th May when the headless ghost of Anne Boleyn is said to appear at Blickling Hall

Ghost Hunting with Richard III

MJ WAYLAND tells us what confirmation of King Richard III's bones in Leicester car park means for ghost hunting in the East Midlands city
Royal executions

England’s 5 Bloodiest Royal Executions

STEWART KING celebrates Her Majesty's 60 years on the throne by listing his Top 5 Royal Executions

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