Discover the old myths and tall tales handed down over the generations from our ancient lands…


The Wizard of Gordonstoun

The Wizard of Gordonstoun
Guest writer JOHNNY MARTIN looks at the legend of The Wizard of Gordonstoun, the man who made a pact with the Devil!

11 Greatest Hammer Horrors Never Made

Hammer Horrors Never Made
BARRY McCANN ponders what might have been had Hammer followed through and produced these fabulous horrors

The Tyburn Tree: London’s Most Infamous Gallows

The Tyburn Tree - the infamous gallows near modern-day Marble Arch - stood as a terrifying symbol of justice and retribution, putting fear into the hearts of Londoners for over 650 years.

7 Most Haunted York Pubs To Visit

The Hole in the Wall pub in York
York Pubs are known as some of the most haunted inns in England. Little wonder considering York itself is an ancient, medieval city. Here are seven of York's most haunted pubs for you to visit and enjoy a spirit or two...

The Picture of Dorian Gray: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

The Picture of Dorian Gray facts
The Picture of Dorian Gray is a classic horror novel that shocked many when it was first published. Here are 10 facts about Oscar Wilde's enduring Gothic masterpiece you may not have known.
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