Discover the old myths and tall tales handed down over the generations from our ancient lands…

Eight Disturbing True Tales of Welsh Changelings

Welsh Changeling
CLAIRE BARRAND picks out eight historical changelig cases in Wales, with shocking eyewitness accounts of Welsh changelings...

Meet Bwbachod, the Welsh goblin

Bwbachod is known to enjoy a drink, says L.H. Davis, in this guide to the Welsh goblins

The Legend of Cantre’r Gwaelod – the Welsh Atlantis

NIA JONES reveals the secrets of Cantre’r Gwaelod - the Welsh Atlantis.

Yeth Hounds, Lost Souls of Dartmoor, born of blood and misery

Yeth Hound
JON KANEKO-JAMES explores the vicious legend of the Yeth Hounds - spirits of unborn babies and the lost

Top 10 scariest Banshee appearances in Ireland

ANN MASSEY gives us her top 10 terrifying Banshee appearances from history in Ireland…

Púca, Ireland’s Fearsome Shapeshifter that chills the blood!

The Puca is a fearsome Irish shapeshifter that goes by many other names across the world, says ANN MASSEY

13 Irish superstitions you need to know!

irish superstitions
ANN MASSEY O'REGAN tells us of 13 Irish superstitions we should be aware of - just in case!

Born Behind The Veil: 5 Famous British Caul bearers

Famous Caul Bearers, born behind the veil
Born behind the veil: RICK HALE looks at five famous Britons who were born en caul, a mystical mark believed to make the caulbearer usually lucky or talented...

Big Cat Sightings of North West England

Big Cat Sightings of North West England
BECKY KEANE takes a look at mysterious big cat sightings in North West England

Spiders Superstition: A shocking web of omens and beliefs

There's a web of beliefs spun surrounding spiders superstition, says RHEA SEREN PHILLIPS

Banshees and other Omens of Death

Banshee death omen
The Banshee is just one of the many terrifying superstitions surrounding death and dyring in the UK and Ireland, says guest writer MATTI BEAL

Black dogs and other terrifying warnings of death

Guest writer K.B. GODDARD ponders the legends of portents of death around the Spooky Isles

The Duergar – The Dwarves of Simonside Hills

LEE D. MUNRO says beware frightful dwarves when travelling through Simonside Hills in Northumberland

Ireland’s Fairy Forts and the Curse of Tara

AMY VAN CASTEELE looks at how the legends of the Sidhe, the mystical people of fairy mounds, still grip Ireland

Hungry Grass tells horrific tales of the Irish Famine

Hungry Grass marks the the starving souls of famine victims who still haunt the fields of Ireland today, says ANN MASSEY

Otta F Swire, Scotland’s Forgotten Folklorist

Otta Swire, Otta F Swire
MJ STEEL COLLINS looks at the little known Scottish author Otta F Swire and her amazing Herbridean folktales

The Devil in Derbyshire

K.B. GODDARD explores Derbyshire's surprising folklore links with the devil...

Beware Ireland's Death Coach

PAUL MOYNIHAN profiles the harbinger of Ireland’s haunted highways and byways

Stoney Middleton’s Dark Past

Guest writer K.B. GODDARD takes a look at one of England's most spooky villages, Stoney Middleton in the Derbyshire Dales

The Corpse Bird: A Guide to Welsh Owl Folklore

Barn Owl, Owl Folklore
Owls feature prominently in Welsh and wider Celtic folklore, says CLAIRE BARRAND

Ireland’s Headless Horseman – The Dullahan

ANN O'REGAN tells us about Ireland’s Headless Devourer of Souls - The Dullahan

13 things you (probably) didn’t know about the Jack O’Lantern

ANN MASSEY reveals 13 strange facts about Jack O'Lantern for Halloween

7 Reasons to visit mysterious Beaghmore Stone Circles in Northern Ireland

Beaghmore Stone Circles
Guest writer DARLA MOORE explains why Beaghmore Stone Circles in County Tyrone is an amazing place to visit

Gurning Man of Glasgow Mystery: The truth revealed!

Gurning Man Glasgow
Discover the truth behind the Gurning Man of Glasgow, MJ STEEL COLLINS reports

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