Haunted Fernie Castle, Fife Scotland


GREGOR STEWART continues his Most Haunted Scottish Castles series with spooky Fernie Castle in Fife

Haunted Fernie Castle, Fife Scotland

Just outside the market town of Cupar in Fife sits Fernie Castle.

The building was originally constructed as a tower house in the 14th century for the MacDuffs, the Earls of Fife, and it was not until the 15th century that it became the property of the Fernies,

It appears the castle was extensively remodelled during the 16th century to form the four storey plus attic level ‘L’ shaped tower house with a circular turret that remains the most striking part of the castle today.

Strange goings-on at Haunted Fernie Castle

The castle remained a family home until 1960 when it was sold and converted into a hotel, which still operates today, and a number of strange occurrences have been reported over the years.

The most common of these relates to the electrics in the building with electrical appliances and lights switching on and off when no-one is near them.

The castle is also home to a Green Lady, most often witnessed in a guest bedroom in the West Tower.

This is believed to be the spirit of a young lady who sought refuge in the castle while fleeing from her father, who had discovered she intended to marry a man he did not approve of.

She is said to have hidden in a small room at the top of the tower, but was found by her father and, during a struggle, she fell three storeys to her death.

The question asked was did she fall or was she pushed?

Fernie Castle

Guests report seeing a young woman, wearing a green dress, with a sad expression, who stands looking at them before disappearing.

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She continues to appear in the rooms in the tower and has been reported as recently as a few years ago.

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  1. My Wife and I along with family went to Fernie Castle in the 90’s for our cousin’s Wedding Reception. Had a great time then went for a wander looking for ghosties. Took dome snaps along the way and caught some great Orbs in various places. One very weird and low orb in the Great Hall, 2 orbs in one of the corridors and a large orb in the Devil’s Room that was reflected off the window it was showing in front of. Checked pictures before and after and they were all clear of orbs so can’t be mistaken for dust and dirt. So from what we had been told there are 3 ghosts. The Green Lady, the dog known as Busdaugh and a pet Monkey that apparently died in the Great Hall. Would love to learn more but reports of the hauntings there only cover the Green Lady. Fun and fascinating!!


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