Haunted Yorkshire Pubs That Will Terrify You


These three haunted Yorkshire pubs will have you staying for more than one drink, says RICK HALE

Yorkshire’s history can be traced back to Roman occupation, and later by Vikings laying siege to the land.

With this amount of history behind it, many towns in Yorkshire have become popular tourist destinations due to several stately homes and castles that are English Heritage sites.

If you should pay a visit to Yorkshire, and need a place to relax after exploring all Yorkshire has to offer.

You may want to consider kicking back and having a pint, or two, at one of these haunted Yorkshire pubs.

Check out these haunted Yorkshire Pubs

Hales Bar, Harrogate

1-3 Crescent Road, Harrogate HG1 2RS, UK

The Hales Bar in Harrogate, Yorkshire - Yorkshire Pubs

Harrogate is a popular tourist destination in North Yorkshire that gained notoriety for its many spas and resorts. All due to its healing waters.

Since 2013, Harrogate, has been consistently voted, “The happiest place to live in Britain.”

That’s a huge reputation to live up to, and Harrogate does not disappoint.

However, if spas are not for you, and if you’re looking for ghosts, look no further than Hales Bar on Crescent Road.

Hales Bar was built in the 17th century and is the oldest licensed building in Harrogate.

In 1882, William Hales, purchased the old public house and named it after himself.

And Hales Bar has kept with its history with the original decorations, gas lighting and it’s ghosts.

The Haunting Of Hales Bar

Since reopening as Hales Bar in the 19th century, several instances of paranormal activity has been reported. And the activity persists to this day.

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The unnerving sound of cackling, maniacal laughter had been reported echoing throughout the bar.

Glasses and bottles have been observed spinning around on shelves only to fall to the floor, and strangely enough, never shattering when they hit the floor.

Customers, and staff, have reported glimpsing strange black shadows walking about the bar at all hours of the day.

The bar regulars call the ghost ‘Mary’ and believes she causes the mischief in this historic bar.

The Black Horse, Wakefield

102-104 Westgate,  Wakefield WF1 1XR

In the town of Wakefield is the Black Horse. A pub that not only boasts that it has the biggest beer garden in town. But, they also claim to be the most haunted pub in Yorkshire.

Haunted Yorkshire Pubs That Will Terrify You 1

The Haunting Of The Black Horse

The bizarre activity that is said to occur at the Black Horse, can be traced to an incident in the Victorian era that is equally bizarre.

According to the story, a visiting salesman was taunting a bear at an old zoo that used to be near Westgate Station.

Somehow, the enraged bear escaped it’s enclosure and viciously mauled an unsuspecting woman who was enjoying her day in the garden of the Black Horse.

Since the killing, the ghost of the woman appears to have taken up residence in the pub.

The unmistakable sound of screaming and sobbing have been heard by both staff and patrons.

The apparition of the woman has also been known to appear in the bar and the bar’s cellar. The place they took the woman’s body after rescuing her from the jaws of the bloodthirsty beast.

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Old Queen’s Head, Sheffield

40 Pond Hill, Sheffield S1 2BG

On Pond Hill in Sheffield is the Old Queen’s Head, the oldest domestic building that was once home to the Earl of Shrewsbury.

And home to a very active ghost that delights in frightening women as they use the lady’s room.

Haunted Yorkshire Pubs That Will Terrify You 2

The Haunting Of The Old Queen’s Head

Over the years, several female patrons have reported that while trying to use the toilet, they hear phantom footsteps while alone.

They say that whomever this ghost is, plays with the door and has even tried forcing its way in.

When they call out for help, the ghostly intruder ends it attempted intrusion leaving the women in an eerie silence.

Whomever this spectre is doesn’t just disturb women as they attempt to use the toilet.

The sound of heavy footsteps have been heard, as well as the appearance of a shadowy figure that appears and quickly disappears.

No one can really say with any degree of certainty who this spirit is. But, their antics seem to be innocent enough.

Yorkshire, England’s largest county, is well known for many historical and haunted points of interests. Including many of its bars and pubs.

Have you been to these haunted Yorkshire pubs? Tell us about it in the comments section below!


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