Indigo Children: Can Kids Communicate with the Dead?

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BECKY KEANE gives us an insight into the mysterious world of the Indigo Children

Indigo Children

Children with their pure and innocent natures, are often said to have the ability to see and communicate with the dead. From a young age children are unbiased and open minded. Many children have reported being able to see, hear and communicate back to those who have passed. These children are called Indigo Children.

I often reported to my parents as a young child, a little girl who would sit at the end of my bed at night and I would often see her playing with my dollies and teddies. My daughter has reported to me that she would see someone “flying through the window”.  She saw a picture of my late father tucked away in a cupboard, he passed when she was 12 months old.

She got very excitable and mentioned that it was the man in picture who she sees at night. That very night in the early hours of the morning whilst I still awake, I heard her say “No granddad I want to sleep not play” I burst out laughing as my dad was the type of person to go and wake a child up to play with toys.

Recently a friend contacted me to say her son was often communicating with spirits. From 16 months old he has had the ability his mother reports. He has spoke of a bad spirit who used to wake him up in the night, until one night his great grandfather sat on his bed and the bad spirit never returned. The child has been known to play with spirit lights and often points them out to his mother.

Also mentioning that the man’s head is better in heaven, not knowing that his great grandfather suffered from brain damage at the time of his death. He has also identified his great grandfather on pictures despite never meeting him as he passed away some years before the young boy was born.

Researching this phenomena, I have come across several would be explanations, from additives in diets to stress or an imaginative friend.

As children get older they either retain their abilities, thus providing the mediums we have today, or relinquishing them.

There are several suggested reason as to why children lose their ability. From social influences, children being told its not real results in being discouraged to talk about what they have experienced. Another explanation is that something happens within a child’s development that effectively stops children from flourishing their abilities and stopping them entirely. Or maybe its reasons we just don’t know.

After having experiences and being told about other children ‘s stories there must be some basis as to what children experience.


  1. I very much believe they can and do we feel a very strong presence in our home i have a grandson of five years old we know by looking at his actions that he sees and listens to whatever is around him hes autistic but very intellegent hes been looking at places in and around the room since he was about three so yes im sure they do communicate with the dead


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