Tag: Creepy Kids Week

Can children communicate with the dead?

BECKY KEANE gives us an insight into the mysterious world of the Indigo Children
Ireland has witnessed many disturbing and nasty witch trials over its history

Jennet Device, the child witch who killed the Pendle Witches

JON KANEKO-JAMES tell us the Pendle Witch executions were the result of the testimony of a little girl
The Children 2008

The Children 2008 REVIEW

RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES reviews The Children 2008

Ghost children that will give you the creeps

EDDIE BRAZIL tells us that not all ghost children as friendly as Casper ...

I Don’t Want To Be Born 1975 REVIEW

PETER FULLER reviews the evil-baby-themed I Don't Want To Be Born (1975) starring Joan Collins
Omen Kills

Top 10 kills from The Omen films

RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES counts down some of Damien's greatest hits.
Princes in the Tower

What Happened to the Princes in The Tower?

JAY HOLLIS says Richard III has long been blamed for the murders of his young nephews but there's a question whether the Princes in the Tower were even killed at all!
Childhood Imaginary Friends

Imaginary Friends, the creepy side of Childhood

MJ STEEL COLLINS asks: Are the imaginary friends of children really ghosts?

The Godsend 1980 REVIEW

PETER FULLER reviews The Godsend (1980)

Top 10 Creepiest Kids in British Horror

RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES commemorates Creepy Kids Week with some of Britain's best examples

Beware of the Evil Changeling Child

Guest writer POLLYANNA JONES retells the Herefordshire folktale of The Fairy Changeling

Citadel 2012 REVIEW

Citadel 2012, an Irish 'hoodie horror' with feral children, is worth a look, says ANN MASSEY
Babes in the Woods

The Children of the Wailing Woods: A Visit to Watton

DAVID SENIOR tells us the real life Norfolk origins of the horrifying folktale of the Babes in the Woods

Ireland’s 6 Scariest Ghost Children

ANN MASSEY tells us about Ireland's cases of horrifying juvenile hauntings
Lost Hearts A ghost Story for Christmas

Lost Hearts 1973, Ghost Story for Christmas TV REVIEW

Lost Hearts 1973 is the classic re-telling of the MR James Ghost Story for Christmas, says MJ STEEL COLLINS

Innocence gone wild? ‘Gabriel-Ernest’ and feral children

KAJA FRANCK says writers have long used children's innate ability for violence to develop horrifying fiction
Scene from Omen IV The Awakening 1991

Omen IV The Awakening 1991 REVIEW

RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES suggests this Omen IV The Awakening 1991 may have been one too many

Who are the Black Eyed Children?

NIA JONES tells us about the frightening and debated urban myth concerning the black eyed children
Jonathan Scott Taylor in Damien: The Omen 2

Damien: The Omen 2 1978 REVIEW

RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES takes a look at the Antichrist's second coming in The Omen 2

Ghosts and the Experiences of Children

ALAN MURDIE tells us not to worry about keeping ghosts hidden from children, they've probably already seen them

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