For a show that we thought was only going to last a season and call it quits this was something I never dreamed of having to deal with and for that reason I began to withdraw my family from the spotlight.
The success of Ghost Hunters became mind-blowing. Even at the start we would arrange meet and greets with over three thousand people showed up to a mall and the fire department had to shut it down. Even a book signing in Rhode Island with thousands in attendance caused a main road to be closed.
Ghost Hunters led the channel to be in the Top 10 most watched. But this success would lead to change.
OK, prior to Ghost Hunters T.A.P.S was a longstanding investigation team and before that was your own introduction to the paranormal which included the guidance of John Zaffis. Tell us more about your own situation and the work of T.A.P.S. off camera.
Well my own initial experience opened me up to the possibilities of the paranormal. Before this I didn’t even think about the paranormal and figured 99% of it was bogus. I met John Zaffis shortly after. We look at a lot of things differently but I have the utmost respect for him and off camera we worked some pretty crazy cases together.
At one point on a investigation we discovered we were set up by occult members who had the intention of running us off the road so we had to stop and wield tire irons to protect ourselves!
In fact, what people didn’t realise is that while we were filming we always had a home team operating. There was a whole side of T.A.P.S I kept off camera. My working with law enforcement, government officials, covering occult type cases, satanic type cases. I also worked with numerous religious type organizations. We’d get sent in to write up preliminary reports on so called possessions of which 99.9% are most definitely not. They would be over individuals who were over medicated, under medicated, over religious, something like that.
We always kept it from TV for the fact that a lot of these cases showed troubled families, whether physical, emotional or sexual abuse, drug abuse or alcohol abuse. We just never wanted to portray that. We didn’t want to show anyone on camera like that. There was no need for us to show a family’s issues to boost ratings. It just wasn’t about that.
The show did mean you got to travel and you made here to Ireland! How was that experience for you?
Ireland is the kind of place if you don’t have a haunted house you’re kind of a weird person. Such history, your buildings, waking into a castle that’s thousands of years old. Here in the States a building more than 50-year-old is incredible.
In Ireland the supernatural is embedded in your culture, you grew up with these beliefs and I think here in the US they are a lot more closed minded than that. I have so much respect for your belief systems, you guys are very much in tune with it, whereas America is ‘if I don’t see it it’s not real.’
When I was in Ireland you could be talking to some big tough guy in a pub and the minute you bring up fairies or ghosts he gets protective and won’t talk because he is a firm believer.
When we were at Leap Castle and talking to the owner Sean Ryan about the demonic entity I asked him “what do you do?” His response was “Ah I leave him alone he leaves me alone.” Anywhere else they’d be flipping out, trying to get in every priest they could, but for him it’s normal.
In America we decimated our main history when we decimated the Native Americans. In Ireland you can be walking through a field and come across a 2000-year-old tomb you can go into. We just don’t have that here in the US, we just don’t. You guys have so much more respect for your history because you have so much of it and had to fight for your nationality and freedom time and again. I am delighted to have Irish blood running through my veins!
 So public interest in the paranormal has snowballed. Why do you think this is and what have you experienced yourself?
I think there are multiple reasons and I think one of the biggest is that most people, whether they’re religious or not they are terrified of what happens when they finally close their eyes forever. They want and need to know if there is something on the other side. They want some sort of assurance that when they pass on there is some place they are going, that it doesn’t just end.
The thing is they want to know this from the comfort of their own couch, they don’t want to investigate because they are terrified so they want other people to do it and show them that there is something there.
As someone who has taken on the role of investigating and trying to bring answers to the masses, what have been your own personal experiences and what are your opinions on possessions?
Personally, I have experienced everything from objects moving on their own to full body apparitions. Not to mention so called possession cases where people are speaking a language that hasn’t been spoken in over 3000 years. Those I would chalk up to paranormal, as in these are things outside our boundaries of what we consider normal and explicable. We have been able to disprove a lot of these cases as everything from hypersensitivity, high magnetic fields which have physical ramifications and can create paranoia to over religious individuals.
Have you ever heard of anyone who has no religious ties becoming possessed? No, you don’t! It’s only people who are religious who become possessed, so you must draw a conclusion on that. Two factors come into play – don’t become religious and you’ll never have to worry about becoming possessed, or because you are religious, you have so much belief that you are opening yourself up mentally to believe that something is going on when it is not.


  1. I also believe in the supernatural and very much enjoyed Ghost Hunters. What made it so enjoyable was that they often found reasonable, non-paranormal explanations for many of the events experienced by the residents. I even enjoyed the shows where they found nothing as it made the ones with unexplained phenomena even more exciting.
    I actually have stopped watching the dreck being offered currently. “Trapping” spirits, no “thump, think, creak, etc.” is ever nothing but an old house noise – it’s ALL supernatural. Pfft, whatever!
    I’m also not big on mediums, clairvoyants, empaths, etc al. I’m extremely sensitive myself and I’d never go public with it because it doesn’t work if you’re expecting it. When Jason “felt” something during his investigators, I believed it because he makes no claim to being psychic.
    Obviously, I miss the show and hope another is in the works with the investigators in full control of content and crew.

  2. It is because of this show that I no longer fear the dark or anything paranormal. The crew taught me how to “debunk” whatever I hear or experience at the moment. Now I have had experiences where I have seen: shadow people, apparitions full body or partial, sensed things, picked up feelings. I am not saying I am clairvoyant because I have no experience in it. But I am better at handling the moments a little better. I do miss the show. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I really enjoyed the show, it had more of a realistic atmosphere. There was not ‘OH MY GOD’ OR FAKENESS ABOUT THE SHOW. I have seen things with my family as a whole. We lived in a house in which we all experienced something and sometimes at the same time. Others who came to our house without any knowledge of the house would say something weird happened last night. I saw full apparitions; no smoke, shadows or anything such as that. We saw solid bodies of two large black dogs, which would not allow us out of our house for hours and we missed school because of it. We saw an elderly man more than once in solid form but disappeared into the wall at one point. In other words, I do believe in SOMETHING WHATEVER IT IS. Thanks, Ghost Hunters.

  4. I truly wish Jason and Grant and Steve would come back to t.v..
    I can’t watch any of the stupid ghost shows on t.v. now..there as bad and scripted as that Bigfoot show..or turtle man !.. I really didn’t care if they hadn’t found anything paranormal on every was the professional approach..the hunt..the debunking and explaining..and they didn’t assume were all idiots !


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