Kate Cherrell’s Top 5 English Cemeteries


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Cemeteries are wonderful places of historical and cultural significance. Kate Cherrell, from Burials and Beyond, spoke with DAVID SAUNDERSON to discuss her favourite cemeteries around England.

Arnos Vale Cemetery in Bristol is one of Kate Cherrell's favourite cemeteries.
Arnos Vale Cemetery in Bristol is one of Kate Cherrell’s favourite cemeteries.

These aren’t your typical well-known burial grounds like Highgate or Brompton; they are hidden gems that offer a unique perspective on local history, social culture, and even wildlife.

Cleethorpes Cemetery, Lincolnshire

Cleethorpes Cemetery in Lincolnshire holds a special place in Kate’s heart as it was her “childhood cemetery.”

She fondly recalls her grandfather taking her around the cemetery twice a week.

Though it may seem unusual to have a favourite childhood cemetery, Kate emphasises the importance of developing a positive relationship with local burial sites.

Cleethorpes Cemetery, while unremarkable in size and layout, offers a rich tapestry of local history, especially connected to the fishing industry. It serves as a link to the past and a grounding force for Kate’s own identity.

Rock Cemetery, Nottingham

Nottingham Rock Cemetery is another lesser-known burial ground that Kate appreciates.

It’s a concealed cemetery with catacombs, offering a unique experience for visitors.

The cemetery is rich in social history and natural features, making it a fascinating place to explore.

Warstone Lane, Birmingham

Warstone Lane in Birmingham is not for the faint-hearted.

Founded in 1842, it was one of Birmingham’s first Victorian cemeteries.

The cemetery has fallen into disrepair, but this has led to the emergence of interesting natural features.

The catacombs here were so odorous that they led to the creation of a cemetery act to seal all above-ground burials with pitch.

Kate describes it as a “health and safety nightmare,” but one that offers a thrilling experience for the adventurous.

Sheffield General Cemetery

Sheffield General Cemetery was the first large privately-owned cemetery outside London.

Built in response to a cholera outbreak in 1832, the cemetery is now a beautiful garden cemetery with winding alleyways and listed monuments.

The community has come together to restore and maintain this historical site, making it a wonderful place for family outings and educational trips.

Arnos Vale, Bristol

Arnos Vale in Bristol is a cemetery that Kate holds in high regard.

It balances public events, local interaction, heritage, and wildlife exceptionally well.

The cemetery is home to some of the UK’s rarest bats and offers a range of activities, from bat walks to lectures.

Kate believes that Arnos Vale serves as a model for how cemeteries should engage with the public to ensure their preservation.

Arnos Vale Cemetery is right next to Arnos Manor Hotel in Bristol, which is reputedly very haunted. It’s a perfect place to stay if you wanted to spend a day exploring Bristol and Arnos Vale Cemetery.

Kate Cherrell’s discussion with David Saunderson offers a fresh perspective on cemeteries as places that are not just for mourning but also for celebrating history, culture, and even wildlife.

These hidden gems offer a unique experience that goes beyond the well-manicured lawns of the more famous cemeteries, inviting us to explore and appreciate them in all their overgrown, wild glory.

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