On Saturday night last Spooky Isles’ own ANN MASSEY O’REGAN and CHRIS RUSH ventured to Dublin to visit The Leprechaun Museum located in the city, just off Jervis Street Shopping Centre, to take part in the adults-only DarkLand Tour.
Neither had been before and had a great sense of expectation as they have a passion for Irish folklore and both will agree that they were not disappointed. CHRIS RUSH tells us more:
While waiting for our tour guide we congregated at the museum entrance which proudly displays very interesting ancient scripts, poems and other memorabilia which are at the heart of Irish lore and you can’t help but be drawn to each individual piece to gain a better understanding of what is about to come.
Cue our tour Guide “Bridget” who enters with a bang and instantly everyone falls for her charm, quirky sense of humour and obvious love for what she does. I don’t want to give too much of the experience away for future visitors but what I will say is that if you think you are going to hear stories about sparkling little winged creatures dancing on the top of mushrooms then you will be greatly mistaken as DarkLand takes participants deep into the dark, mysterious deeps of ancient Irish tales which will leave you contemplating what you have just heard.
With tales ranging from the Leprechaun, Banshee and Merrow People to Fairies, Irish Kings and Queens, participants quickly learn that the sugar coated version of Irish folklore they may have been exposed to is far from that and a more sinister undertone may be at play.
As for the museum itself it is extremely well laid out from the Giants Room which gives you an insight of the world from the little folk’s point of view, to the Forest Room/Well Room, great detail has been implemented to ensure each visitor embarks on a unique and mystifying journey into the other world.
If Irish folklore is an interest of your then this is definitely a must!! The stories are incredibly told in an environment which sets the perfect tone.
If I had one criticism, with isn’t in the grand scheme of things it would be that it ended too soon, even though we were in there for quite some time I didn’t to stand up and leave, I wanted more and more! But this in part is a salute to the great work of all involved because you don’t feel the time slip by and are in a way in a different world while you’re taking on this wonderful journey.
So well done to the whole DarkLand team. We both really enjoyed our tour which is run by individuals who have an in depth knowledge and love for what they do. Well worth a visit – if you dare!


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