Do Liverpool Morgue Ghosts Haunt Children’s Minds?


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Guest writer RICK HALE reports paranormal activity at a Liverpool day nursery that was once a morgue

liverpool childcare haunting

It is commonly believed in paranormal research that children are more sensitive to the spiritual realm.

Many feel it’s because children are innocent and this innocence brings them closer to the divine.

Personally, I believe it’s because their little minds have yet to be exposed to the skepticism and cynicism that has corrupted adults. And what better place to test this theory than at Liverpool’s haunted Les Enfants Day Nursery.

Liverpool haunted day nursery

The building that houses Les Enfants was the former Huyton morgue which served the city for many years.

When Les Enfants opened nothing out of the ordinary happened, which of course is common in most hauntings.

The staff was well aware of the buildings previous occupant.

They heard several ghost stories associated with the building, but that’s all they were, ghost stories. Despite these spectral tales, Les Enfants began accepting the young children of Liverpool. With opening their doors to the public, they opened another door.

A door to the other side.

For the first few months nothing out of the ordinary happened. Except for the occasional sound of footsteps in the hall when no one was there.

As the activity progressed, the children’s toys seemed to take on a life of their own.

The toys seemed to take on a life of their own and moved about the play area seemingly guided by unseen hands.

To the staff, these occurrences were eerie and not frightening, and they paid them no mind.

That was until the children began talking about a mysterious man they simply called, “Mister”.

Children and their ‘ghostly’ imaginary friends

Child psychologists believe that it is common for children to dream up imaginary friends.

Especially when a child lives in an area sparsely populated with peers their own age.

At Les Enfants, the children shared the same imaginary friend, Mister.

Not a day would go by when the staff didn’t find the children talking to and interacting with an unseen playmate.

To the children, Mister, was very real.

Quiet time appeared to be a time when mister was the most active.

The children would smile and giggle claiming Mister was floating over their head and disappearing into the ceiling.

Upon witnessing the children’s behaviour some staff would dismiss it away as being the over active imagination of small children.

However, it became difficult to do that when Mister began showing himself to the staff.

The staff who tried to dismiss the activity began reporting a tall, male apparition wearing a dark suit and holding the hand of a ghostly child.

Those brave enough to approach the unnerving spectres would later report watching as the black suited man and his small companion would disappear before their eyes. Leaving the eyewitness in shocked silence.

Who is Mister and the child that accompanies him? Some believe they were people who were brought in to the Huyton morgue.

One thing they are certain of is that Mister is not a threat to the children of Les Enfants, but rather a playful spirit.

Staff and children alike regard Mister as just another helper seeing to the safety of the children at the day nursery.

What are your thoughts about this story of Liverpool Morgue ghosts? Tell us in the comments section below!


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