Malahide Castle: Five Go Ghost Hunting In Dublin


Malahide Castle and Gardens form a prestigious estate that has played host to royalty, dignitaries and some of the biggest names in music with their summer concerts. But this is Halloween and the evenings are dark so it’s all about ghosts!

Ireland Editor ANN MASSEY and her team Irish Paranormal Investigations were invited for an exclusive night investigating one of Dublin’s most high-profile landmarks. The backdrop was set with howling wind and driving rain in the dark, so let’s begin!

Malahide Castle in Dublin
Malahide Castle in Dublin

Malahide Castle and the Talbot Family

When Vikings arrived into Dublin in the 8th Century, the Malahide Estuary became the main waterway to help them maintain their hold on Irish soil. The estate itself has a history dating back over 800 years and the one-time Norman fortress developed into an exquisite Gothic estate.

Richard de Talbot was a major asset of Henry II, King of England and the Duke of Normandy. As a reward for his formidable assault on the Irish, he was given Malahide, beginning the Talbot dynasty in 1185.

Between this time and the nineteen seventies, the Talbots relinquished ownership just once – at the hands of Oliver Cromwell. At this point the landlord became Myles Corbet, said to have run the estate into near annihilation. He fled after signing a death warrant for Charles II, however he was captured and executed.

Even though the Talbots regained control of their estate, the run of misfortune continued. In July 1690 the infamous Battle of the Boyne took place. That morning fourteen men of the Talbot family sat to breakfast in the Great Hall before riding into battle. They never returned.

The last Talbots of Malahide Castle were Milo and Rose Talbot. The final Baron de Malahide died in 1973 and with increasing age and feeling overwhelmed within the vast estate, sister Rose sold it all to the Irish State in 1975.

Ghosts of Malahide Castle

Puck the Jester

Puck was a poor court jester who made the mistake of falling in love with the wrong woman and was found stabbed through the heart, taking his last breath. With it he uttered a curse that he would haunt the castle for eternity, and he does just that, playing tricks on staff and visitors alike. He can be found in the minstrels’ balcony and behind a tiny locked door where he lived in misery when not performing. No one knows if he was murdered or if he took his own life.

Sir Walter Hussey

A knight slain in combat on his wedding day, Sir Walter roams the castle halls at night. He wails and moans, revealing the spear wound in his side. Despair was added to his torment when his bride to be promptly wed his rival.

Lady Maud Plunkett

The White Lady of Malahide Castle can be seen following her husband’s ghostly form along the halls and chambers. She is seen to leave her canvas on the wall and floats serenely through the dark.

Lord Chief Justice of Ireland

This figure of nobility is the poor man being hounded through the castle by his wife Lady Maud. When not trying to spectrally outrun her, he can be seen perusing the grounds taking in ghostly exercise.

Myles Corbet

The committer of Regicide has been seen since he was hanged, drawn and quartered, roaming inside the walls of Malahide Castle. His failure as a landlord an eternal ethereal chain to which he is bound, appearing anguished, dressed in full armour only to fall into quarters and disintegrate before your eyes.

Private Investigation

It was a special night for Irish Paranormal Investigations, having this historic building to themselves for a private ghostly encounter.

The security guard on duty and guide Karen regaled some terrifying tales of being locked into the library room alone crying for help, as well as shadow figures on the security cameras and voices and footsteps in an empty castle. At this moment a ghostly voice floated over Ann’s shoulder and whispered ‘yes.’

Ann, Shayne, Natalie, Dominic and Liam began proceedings in the dungeon – while the weight of the castle and history seeped through the thick stone walls and low arched ceilings, only a display to the woeful Jester Puck made any sound.

An EVP session was carried out on the staircase where a former resident was terrorised by the spirit of Puck carrying a sack of skeletal remains!  Although the creepiest aspect here is the painting of the last Talbots of Malahide Castle, Milo and Rose Talbot with their mother – their eyes following you from the painting as you climb the stairs.

Irish Paranormal Investigations at Malahide Castle in Dublin
Irish Paranormal Investigations at Malahide Castle in Dublin

Many visitors to the castle have reported being ill at ease in the Children’s’ Bedroom so this was the next port of call. A spirit box was used, and a female voice was heard to correctly identify the number of people in the room and more disturbingly, she whispered painfully ‘I want to go.’

The Great Hall had a feeling of ominousness and darkness at the point leading to the library. This is the room that was locked with a security guard inside, but no living person to turn the key, a Talbot spectre seemingly wishing to keep the door sealed. It is also the room where a séance was held – perhaps the library door was not the only one left open…

Investigations in the Drawing Rooms was hindered by mischievous knocks, rattling of handles and banging. In the Oak Room, containing some of the oldest relics and décor in the castle, voices came through, including one that said ‘Richard.’

Malahide Castle is most definitely a place where things go bump in the night and indeed during the day. With over eight centuries of chequered history and bloodshed this isn’t surprising. Why don’t you pay a visit to this outstanding piece of Irish architecture and explore for yourself? Perhaps one of the five ghosts will reveal themselves to you!


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