The Haunting of Redwood Castle, County Tipperary


ANN MASSEY heads to spooky Redwood Castle, County Tipperary, in Ireland, to catch up with Púca Paranormal for a night of ghostly investigation…

Redwood Castle
Welcome to Redwood Castle

When Spooky Isles last spoke with Rosemary Widdy Fahy, she was working alone and beginning her journey as Púca Paranormal. One year later, she is joined by John Ambrose Martin and Aruine Hannon as the paranormal team goes from strength to strength, always looking to share their love of the paranormal with others.

Redwood Castle in County Tipperary has fast become the Púca Paranormal Headquarters for investigation and they were recently joined there by Irish Paranormal Investigations (Ann Massey, Dominic McElroy, Katie Donegan and Michael Donegan) for a night of spooky surprises!

The strategic stronghold was first constructed in the 13th century by the Anglo-Normans, before being handed off to the local O’Kennedy clan of neighbouring Lackeen Castle. As they were happy with their place of power, they in turn passed the castle to the MacEgan clan. They had the title of bardic chieftains, which meant they held a high rank in cultural and administrative ability, vital to the less scholarly and somewhat bloodthirsty chieftains.

The MacEgan clan specialised in Brehon Law and historical documentation and were experts in the field, highly sought after throughout medieval Ireland. It continued to be their family steadfast until Cromwell and his troops arrived. By the end of Oliver Cromwell’s campaign, Redwood Castle was a ruinous shell, ravaged by time and the elements over centuries.

In 1972, Michael Egan, a lawyer from Castlebar in County Mayo, purchased his ancestral home and began his painstaking restoration. Of course as we know, restoration and reports of paranormal activity go hand in hand…

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In the month of Halloween, on the night of the full moon, the two Irish paranormal teams met in the shadow of the imposing structure, ready to begin a night of exploration.

The castle is set over three levels and includes a chapel, medieval main hall and has its very own Sheela na Gig! What makes this place so special, is that it has subtly made its way into becoming a firm favourite for paranormal investigators from all over Ireland.

Can you spot the Sheela na Gig in this photo of Redwood Castle?
Can you spot the Sheela na Gig in this photo of Redwood Castle?

As both teams entered, a warmth and good energy enveloped them, leading one to wonder if any activity would actually happen in such a welcoming location. After Púca showed IPI around their spookily exquisite HQ, it was time to begin!

Beginning on the ground floor, both teams began call outs before Rosemary had half sitting and half standing. Those standing began swaying back and forth without even realising, as a dark shadow appeared behind and lower limbs turned to ice. Activity continued with seemingly intelligent responses to questions, which crescendoed at of all things, the laughter of participants.


Redwood Castle
Vigil in the Redwood Castle chapel

Turns were taken for lone vigils in the guard’s room. Females including Aruine have felt overwhelming anger at their presence and growls from within the confined walls and the same thing happened with Katie, as the full moon cast a delicate, yet menacing light into the cell. While Ann felt nothing herself, the speaker outside the room linked to a device said “Danger, run now.” John, in the meantime, was seeing a distinctive figure “guarding” the entrance beside whoever stood in front of the door each time through the SLS camera.

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After more exploration and investigation, the final hot spot of the night was the Chapel. Rosemary and John took up position at the altar, as others sat or knelt in the pews. Here, dowsing rods were used and contact seemed to be made with a member of the clergy, who appeared to admit he was less than Holy and more fond of material wealth and control than he should have been! There may also have been a mention of heinous crime…

Redwood Castle

This incredible location continues to be lovingly restored by Coleesa Egan, who welcomes paranormal investigators, explorers and members of the MacEgan clan into her ancestral legacy. When you look at the ruin of Lackeen Castle nearby and understand the painstaking work undertaken by the Egan family to make the ruin of Redwood a complete structure once more, it makes this rural landmark all the more special. It is not just a haunted castle, it is a portal to the past. 

Find out more about Redwood Castle Ireland here.

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