Blennerville Windmill, A Paranormal Investigation

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GhostÉire are a well known paranormal team based in a County Kerry, Ireland and they have just released their second book, Drowned-Out Voices. ANN MASSEY took a look at the innovative team and one of the investigations to be featured.

Blennerville in County Kerry, Ireland
Blennerville in County Kerry, Ireland

Going strong since 2009, GhostÉire, led by Anthony Kerrigan are very much about research and experimentation, which is clearly reflected in their new book release, Drowned-Out Voices. Describing themselves as a paranormal psychical study group, they share with us their journey through Ireland to haunted locations and their attempts to reach beyond the veil.

In the book each team member provides personal accounts of their investigations, along with a scientific approach to rationalisation and of course, insights into the spirits they believe they have encountered…

Here is just a snippet of GhostÉire’s investigation of Blennerville Windmill in Tralee, County Kerry, overlooking the bay. Blennerville is one of the most iconic landmarks in the county and a location very few paranormal teams have managed to set foot in.

The entire site has events dating back hundreds of years. The Mill itself dates back to circa 1800 with GhostÉire explaining that one of the hauntings is believed to be that of Millicent Angus Yielding wife of Sir Roland Blennerhassett, who was struck by a sail of the windmill shortly after it opened for operation.

Let’s pick it up at the start of the investigation proper and as it happens, one of the very first investigation’s for the team – the first of so many. 

Blennerville Windmill in Tralee, County Kerry

“…The board had a pentagram symbol drawn on it.

Feathered wind chimes were placed on the stairs leading up to the Famine Ship Area on the first floor. Hopefully, this would make a noise if disturbed…How would we cope if we were too hasty or intimidating to some?

We also had to show no fear.We had a safety strategy if something went wrong: trust and, of course, protection.We had all that covered and that brought about the added factor of enjoyment. You couldn’t be more inspired. After all, we were nearing Halloween.

…We made a start with a glass divination session. Blue carpet and a matching blue ceiling gave a relaxed feeling. A tapestry hung from the ceiling above the place where the experiment would be concentrated. Created by local school children, it highlighted iconic landmarks around the area. Navigational tools, including a brass telescope and compass, were in a display cabinet to one side of a table we would be using. Adjacent, a few metres away, was the model of the Jeannie Johnston.

The audio production effects were still ongoing, with gentle Irish-ballad themed pan-pipe music playing in the background.

The round table had four chairs circled around it. Anthony, Derek, and the female team member sat down at the table and connected on the upturned glass. The journalist took up the other chair. Anthony asked, “Try and move the glass to the edge if you can?” He went onto saying, “Thank you” in Irish.

The glass at the centre of the table moved very delicately about two to three inches in a straight line…

The glass seemed to make a slow, small three-quarter counter-clockwise circle.

As it was moving, Anthony encouraged more movement, to use the energies that were around and not to be put off by the heat which was funnelling out onto us by a convector unit.

He added, “We will be around for the next few hours. If you can ask us any questions, if you’re willing for us to ask you questions. Move this glass if a sign you are willing?”

What sounded like a murmur was heard on the night vision camera. It was either made in hesitation or agreement.

GhostÉire's Anthony Kerrigan with his book Drowned-Out Voices
GhostÉire’s Anthony Kerrigan with his book Drowned-Out Voices, which features Blennerville Windmill in County Kerry

…The glass moved a slow, straight line to a position in-between where Anthony and Derek were sitting, and then it moved a small half-clockwise circle to where Anthony was sitting at the end of the table. It seemed the Spirit that was with us was accepting our existence. Derek felt a presence behind him…

…Next, we positioned a circular cardboard disc on the table. The glass was placed at the centre of it. This was the template of the colour mood frame. Twelve colours and twelve matching descriptions of emotion were represented on it. Anthony, Derek, the female team member, and the journalist reconnected back on the upturned base of the glass situated within the cardboard disc.

“Okay, dear Spirit, we are going to ask you what mood you are in tonight and how you are feeling this present moment towards us?” said Anthony. The glass moved to ‘Pink’, meaning ‘Fear and Uncertain’.

We needed more light on the table. A debate happened over which torch to leave on.

Anthony felt heat on his hands. The beam of light shining down on the middle of the table could be creating this sensation.

Anthony nudged the glass sideways back to centre of the cardboard disc. He asked, “And what way should we, that are around the table, what mood should we be in tonight around you dear Spirit?” The glass moved to ‘Grey’, meaning ‘Very Nervous and Anxious’.

“Is there anything else? What other mood should we be in tonight around you?”

As the glass was moving, Anthony went to explain to the journalist that the soul present might be warning us of an unpleasant or tricky Spirit around us. The glass finished up at ‘Red’ meaning ‘Adventurous, Excited and Energy’.

As the glass slowly glided back to the centre of the disc, Derek stated “It’s right by me anyway.”

The team and guests headed down below to the Windmill Restoration Area on the ground floor. Anthony, Derek, the female team member, and the journalist lightly connected on the table with their fingertips whilst the photographer prepared them for the photoshoot. A quick table tilting experiment had formed.

The earlier movement of the glass to in-between Anthony and Derek in the Famine Ship Area might also have signified the direction the Spirit wanted us to go in.

The direction of the Windmill… Immediately the table was rocking from side to side.

It got suddenly active. It seemed promising. Anthony called out, “Move the table if you are able to walk amongst us? Maybe…?”The table stopped rocking.

He added, “Move the table if you be able to make a noise inside here? Maybe whistle?” The table rocked briefly, probably in a state of agreement, before it became stationary again…

“Anthony called out, “Dear Spirit. If your around us at the moment, can you move the table if you be able to make that chain beside me, to the left of me, maybe make it rock?” The table slowly rocked side to side four times in a rhythmic pattern.

Anthony, in astonishment, let out an excited cry claiming that the rope or chain had moved.

…Anthony called out, “Thank you, dear Spirit. That was brilliant. That’s amazing what you done there now. Move the table and vibrate it if you be able to move the rope. Try and make the rope move. Use our energy…?” Derek called out, “Come on dear Spirit. You know you can do it?” The table started to rock heavily to and fro as the male team member kept the focus of the night vision camera on the chain and rope…

Anthony carried onto saying, “Would you be able to use your vocal cords to try and talk to us? Maybe anyway, even if it’s slow.” Anthony demonstrated by clearing out his throat.“Try and do it?” he asked. Straight away, a whistle could be heard, something which Anthony had asked for earlier. The table steadily rocked again for a few seconds, then stopped after Anthony asked, “Do you want to whistle? Sing?”

All was silent.

About 11 seconds later, another whistle occurred. It was a replica of the previous one in sound.The table started to rock as Anthony asked the Spirit to try and twist the table around the room, “Try and make the table move around. Try and spin this table if you can. Maybe you can go clockwise, move this table clockwise if you can?”

The table took up a vigorous rocking movement. It rotated counter-clockwise, making the individuals connected on to follow suit and reposition their stances.

Seconds later, it finished rocking…

…As Anthony was in the process of asking for taps on the table, the male team member began to take gradual strides up the wooden steps that led to the first floor of the Windmill…”

To learn what happened during the rest of the Blennerhassett Mill investigation and other investigations of GhostÉire, Drowned-Out Voices can be purchased through the links below. 

The book includes 13 locations in Ireland, history, background, investigation and conclusion, accompanied by maps and photographs. Drowned-Out Voices also comes with a 98 minute DVD  and a QR code that lets you go directly into a webpage, where you’ll uncover never before seen footage of the investigation.

Find out more about Drowned-Out Voices here.

Watch interview with Anthony Kerrigan from GhostÉire


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