The Ghosts of Manchester Airport, Tales of Flying Phantoms!


Manchester Airport is one of Britain’s busiest transport links, it’s also one of the most haunted, says RICK HALE

Manchester Airport

When a person thinks of a place haunted by the souls of the dead a couple places immediately come to mind.

They may think of a long-forgotten cemetery slowly being reclaimed by nature.

Or perhaps, an ancient castle with crumbling walls that may have recorded the tragic events that haunts it.

One would hardly expect a busy international airport to be inhabited by frightening phantoms and unnerving ghosts.

Nevertheless, Manchester Airport appears to be just that. And may just be the most haunted airport in the world.

History of Manchester Airport

Long before Manchester Airport became the bustling hub of international travel it is today, it was officially opened on 25 June 1938.

And was named Ringway after a small village that lies nearby.

With war breaking out across Europe and England being engulfed by World War II, Ringway was used as an RAF airbase to defend Northwest England from Nazi bombing raids.

When the war was over, Ringway, was converted into the international airport it is today.

The Haunting of Manchester Airport

From it’s very first day of operation there were several reports from both travellers and employees coming into contact with supernatural entities and unexplained phenomena.

And one of those entities was a throwback to its war time days.

The Ghost of Terminal 3

Since the 1970s, travellers and airport staff have reported coming face to face with the phantom of a man wearing an RAF flight suit in Terminal 3.

He had been reported wandering around the terminal looking somewhat confused. Almost as if something horrible happened to him.

When people tried to approach him, he looks at them with a look of pain upon his face and vanishes.

Manchester Airport

A couple explanations have been offered as to what may have happened to him.

It’s believed he was either shot down while engaging the enemy in airborne combat.

While others believe he may have died as the result of a tragic accident.

Whatever the case may be, no one has ever been able to ascertain who he was in life.

The Night Watchman

In 1971, airport management received a curious letter from a former employee who unexpectedly resigned without explanation.

According to the former employee, he was scared away from his job after witnessing the apparition of an elderly man in an airport security uniform.

He wrote that when he tried talking to the man he just disappeared before his eyes. He was so frightened he left without explanation.

Since then, several other people have reported catching a glimpse of the ghostly night watchman.

It’s believed he way a security guard in the 1960s who died of a heart attack while on shift.

Manchester Airport

Beware the Men’s room!

The semi-transparent ghost of an airline pilot has been known to cause trouble in the men’s bathroom near the international terminals.

The pilot has been known to follow men into the bathroom and pound on the door of the stall demanding the occupant hurry up.

When the angry occupant throws open the door to give the man a piece of his mind, he realizes he was alone with no sign of another person. Living person that is.

The Roman Soldiers

The ghosts of Manchester Airport are not limited to the terminals and corridors of the airport.

There have been a handful of reports of a procession of Roman soldiers in full battle gear marching near the landing strips.

The figures appear to be so real a couple planes were not allowed to land or take off until it was determined the figures weren’t real.

Have you seen a ghost at Manchester Airport? Tell us in the comments section!


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