Brannigan’s Nightclub, Most Haunted REVIEW

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BECKY KEANE takes a look back at Most Haunted: Brannigan’s Nightclub

Most Haunted Brannigan's Nightclub

Episode Title: Brannigan’s Nightclub
Location: Manchester, Greater Manchester
Series: 2 Episode Number: 24

Review of Brannigan’s Nightclub Most Haunted

Within in the Albert Hall,  Brannigans the Manchester night club renowned for it hauntings is no longer operating. The Grade II listed building was built in 1910 as the Methodist Central Hall. Once used as a place of worship, the Chapel Hall was renovated in 2012-13 and now hosts music concerts.

The Most Haunted presenter Yvette starts of the episode telling of the ghost stories that are reported to happen there. It is believed that the Reverend Samuel Collier still resides here. From beer glasses smashing on the floor, to people being pushed the crew certainly experience the eerie feeling said the reside there.

A youthful looking Yvette gives to her on screen pieces to back drop lighting to give more effect to the programme. Dramatics of a beer glass smashing is also shown for effect. A paranormal team give their eye witness account of a sense of energy, to orbs caught on cameras. They also state that some spirits maybe unhappy about the alcohol in the premises due to their religious beliefs. Also the stone tape theory is reasonably mentioned as an explanation.

Phil Whyman conducts baseline tests and nothing unusual is detected. Pint glasses are placed as trigger objects. Phil proceeds to say the atmosphere is pleasant, apart from the projection room which has an eerie feeling, which undoubtedly may implant these thoughts in Yvette’s mind. He also states to expects Yvette to react very scared later on. Richard Felix starts to talk of demons in his piece to camera. Some of the crew sense a peculiar atmosphere and a sense of anticipation for the night ahead.

So Derek Acorah starts his walk round and tells of a spirit priest named Father David. He also tells of the ground changing which is related to a  massacre that happened in 1819 (the battle of Peterloo). But states it is nothing to do with the foundation of the building. He goes on to say that the priest mentioned earlier, is that a trilogy of priests that are there to ensure a dark spirit is kept housed. He names all three of the clergymen but no church records can be found.

He also states that several children are also there and names them all. But again no records can be found. He takes the team to ‘the tower’ and connects with a dark, evil spirit that the trilogy of priests are guarding. Godfrey is the name he says belongs to the dark soul. No records can be found of him.  Yvette asks for a surname but Derek seems reluctant to give one. The names Derek has picked up on relating to the dark soul and two spirit children have according to Most Haunted been picked up before by another medium.

Godfrey is then implemented in the hanging of a well known man by Derek. Instilling in the crews mind he tells that the spirit has developed his energy to be more evil. A loud bang can be heard and Yvette reacts by running. The crew investigate and Derek claims that Godfrey’s energy is there.

A separate team investigates the projection room and a shout is heard. Karl radios to the others with no reply. Now as any paranormal team should do, I would have been out that door with my camera panning to see if there was any rational explanation, but the crew stay put. Later on once again in the tower, Yvette smells baby sick and Derek agrees. Phil isn’t convinced  that it is that but says he can smell something.

Derek names two children once again and talks of Godfrey Parks. He begins to channel him and Yvette immediately hides behind Phil, too his amusement. Derek seems to become aggressive and at one point invades Phil’s personal space. Don’t you think that all Derek’s possessions seem to be along the same lines and always the same? He begins to breath heavily and pace around the room, prompting Karl and Derek’s wife to step in and ‘bring him forward’. Naughty Godfrey begins to shout Hallelujah and laughs manically before Derek does come back to reality. Several crew members had to carry him out and he seems exhausted by the whole experience.

Later on an EVP is broadcast and Yvette says it sounds like a child or baby. Now you can quite clearly hear a noise, and when mentioned it does sound like a baby. But I remember watching it for the first time and not making the connection until Yvette says so. The crew do a large séance later on and some loud noises are heard.

Kath reports being touched as well, this is told to be small footsteps.

You can see Most Haunted have upped their game with the coloured lighting etc to add atmosphere for viewers. Although I do enjoy watching it, all the information and activity I have to take with a pinch of salt.

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