Galleries Of Justice, Most Haunted REVIEW

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STUART DAWSON takes a look back at Most Haunted: The Galleries of Justice

Episode Title: The Galleries of Justice
Location: Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
Series: Episode Number: 37
Originally broadcast: 2003


After the initial intro the team were in the caves at the Galleries listening to Derek explaining what he was picking up, two of the Galleries staff Jeanette Goldtree and Lisa Douglas both look terrified after witnessing something black shaped moving in the caves. These two women were unrelated to Most Haunted and were genuinely shocked to have seen what they had witnessed. Bizarrely this is something we once saw in the caves ourselves, on my own investigation, and strangely enough we also heard a cat meow in the caves with no cats in the caves at all.

I thought Richard Felix made a valuable point about the loud bang been a firework to the dismay of Yvette. And to be fair, Richard stuck to his guns. I’d like to have seen one of them go outside and ask a passerby if they had heard a firework and listen for more ‘fireworks’ to prove or disapprove the theory of the bang. As with any investigation, you have to look for a normal occurrence before you can ascertain whether it is paranormal or normal.

When Karl, Stuart and Richard were together in a room, they spoke of how they were feeling, and each had the same feelings as each other, this could have been a coincidence I would like to have seen them split up and then described how they felt when all alone to get that individual response.

On the whole, I thought it was a great investigation with a well-balanced team, Yvette the matriarch of the paranormal world putting her opinion in to the mix, Derek working psychically with spirit, and Richard, Karl and Stuart bouncing off each other with their opinions and theories on the activity and Phil giving a balanced view as well to the proceedings.

On another note I enjoyed the cell area as we once had experienced the sounds of chains been pulled through the shackles on the wall, but there was no chains in the cells.

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