Old Queen’s Head, London: A Haunted Pub Ghost Guide


The Old Queen’s Head in Islington, London, boasts great food and even greater ghosts, says RICK HALE

The Old Queens Heads pub in Essex Road, London, as it was back in 1830
The Old Queens Heads pub in Essex Road, London, as it was back in 1830

Old Queen’s Head

44 Essex Road,
London N1 8LN

Located on Essex Road, in the Borough of Islington, is the curiously named pub, The Old Queen’s Head.

It’s a traditional London pub that offers live music and a place for the nighttime denizens of London to get a drink and have a good time with friends.

However, it isn’t just spirits of the alcohol variety the pub offers. Three spirits of the ghostly kind call the pub home.

History Of The Old Queen’s Head

The Old Queen’s Head is a Grade II listed building that has played an important part in Islington since 1830.

Before the founding of The Old Queen’s Head, a much older pub stood on the land dating back to at least the 16th century.

According to local legend, Sir Walter Raleigh a noted politician, poet, spy and explorer either owned or operated the previous pub.

The writer, Walter Thornbury, made the connection between the pub and Raleigh in the 1870s upon a visit to the pub.

He discovered that Queen Elizabeth granted Raleigh a license for retailing wines and operating taverns.

Although this story is contested by several historians, this has not stopped stopped Sir Walter Raleigh from making an appearance at the popular London pub.

Several paranormal investigations by local teams have been conducted here garnering interesting results.

One group spoke with a former landlord who said that he, and his family, have encountered at least three very active spirits.

Including Sir Walter Raleigh, himself, an old woman and a very petulant little girl. Three spirits who are not shy in making their presence known.

The Ghost Of Sir Walter Raleigh

Since opening its doors to the people of London, several patrons and staff have reported encountering the spirit of Sir Walter.

They have described him as a seemingly cultured gentleman, bearing a striking resemblance to the 16th century writer.

He has surprised many an unsuspecting staff as they open for business and close for the night.

He appears in the bar area and vanishes from sight with a wave of his hand.

Whether or not this spirit is Sir Walter Raleigh is debatable. However, he is seen frequently and seems to just be watching over the haunted pub.

The Little Girl

The spirit of a young girl has been seen walking up and down the stairs that lead to the second floor.

She also known to either follow staff down the stairs or lead them up to the second floor while letting out a playful giggle.

This little spirit may seem innocent, nevertheless she is also known to have a mean streak.

Staff believe she is responsible for slamming doors and occasionally breaking glasses during what could only be described as a ghostly temper tantrum.

The Tudor Woman

Lastly, the apparition of an elderly woman dressed in Tudor clothing has been spotted in The Old Queen’s Head.

This spirit only seems to make an appearance on the first Sunday of each month.

Both staff and patrons alike have watched as the woman appears, walks around the pub and slowly fades away.

The Old Queen’s Head in the heart of Islington, London enjoys a reputation for being a fun and friendly establishment.

On Friday and Saturday nights they host a club night. And several famous bands and DJs have made appearances in the second floor live music venue.

And to top it off, The Old Queen’s Head boasts the best burgers in the entire city of London in The Lucky Chip.

If you’re looking for a fun bar with a great atmosphere and plenty of ghostly activity, London’s The Old Queen’s Head is exactly what you’re looking for.

Have you been to The Old Queen’s Head in London? Tell us about it in the comments section below!


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