Peripheral 2018 REVIEW

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EMMA DARK reviews Peripheral 2018 from British director Paul Hyett

Peripheral 2018
Peripheral 2018

Title: Peripheral
Released: 2018
Director: Paul Hyett
Cast: Hannah Arterton, Tom Conti, Rosie Day

Peripheral 2018 Review

Peripheral is the fourth feature film from visionary British practical SFX guru turned director Paul Hyett. Paul has taken us on a genre roller-coaster ride over the past few years, from brutal Balkans set horror/thriller “The Seasoning House” (2012), to werewolves on a train survival horror “Howl” (2015), and supernatural nun led horror “Heretiks” (2018). Paul covers yet more new ground with trippy sci-fi/horror offering Peripheral.

The film tells the story of Bobbi Johnson (Hannah Arterton, “Atlantis”), a young and wayward but revolutionary writer under pressure from her publisher to live up to the success of her first novel with her second literary venture.

Bobbi is struggling to pay the bills, and when her electricity is cut off and she’s forced to bathe in freezing cold water and write by candlelight her publisher offers to give her an advance of sorts by remedying her current financial situation and providing a ‘computer’ that will help her get to grips with her new novel.

We very quickly realise that the machine is not all it seems, and other more sinister agendas are at play.

Peripheral 2018

With nods to Cronenberg’s “Videodrome” (1983) and Donald Cammell’s “Demon Seed” (1977) we see Bobbi slowly manipulated by the machine’s Artificial Intelligence in a freakish sequence of events in which the viewer may question what is reality and what is fantasy.

Particularly memorable is a rather passionate human/machine sex scene which takes HCI (Human-computer Interaction) to a whole new level, and the fact that Bobbi’s hands and arms slowly take on an sinister oily black appearance after each writing session.

The further Bobbi falls down a nefarious rabbit hole of control and illusion, the more the machine’s Artificial Intelligence slowly violates her body and mind.

As to be expected with a Paul Hyett film the practical effects and SFX makeup are very good indeed, and in fact the VFX/CGI are also outstanding.

Peripheral is scripted by Doghouse 2009 writer Dan Schaffer, with prolific London based produced Craig Tuohy responsible for bringing together the written work of Dan Schaffer and the directorial talent of Paul Hyett. A

s a side note “Doghouse” was directed by another great British indie director – Jake West, both Paul and Jake are super talented directors and I do advise readers of this review to check out their films.

Peripheral recently premiered at London’s FrightFest and I’m sure it will go on to have a successful festival run and general release. So without giving away any more spoilers go check out the film when and where you can, and well done to all involved!

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