7 Ways to Stop Psychic Vampires Draining Your Life Away

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ANDY CHAPLIN explains what a psychic vampire is and how to prevent them ruining your life…

Psychic vampire, energy vampire

As a medium, my work often covers dealing with energetic topics including energy vampirism. Nosferatu aside, this article will delve into what they are, what they want and more importantly some tips on preventing them from leeching your own life force!

What is a Psychic Vampire?

In short, a psychic or energy vampire is a sentient conscious entity either alive in the flesh (ie. human) or existing in the etheric (ie. ghost/spirit/demon) who thrive or even perhaps survive on other people’s energy. We’ve all met them in day to day life. From our youngest experiences at school, right up into the workplace and beyond. Those unaccustomed to dealing with intuition or energy work will often be the most prone to its effects, as they will be blissfully unaware as to what’s really going on. Those more attuned may be aware, but may not know how to combat it.

It could be argued that the entire system we live in is one giant energy vampire. People living more or less as slaves, devoting their time and energy into feeding the system what it desires – more energy. As Morpheus put in the Matrix: “…built to keep us under control, in order to change a human being into this (holds up a battery)”.
One clear example of energy/psychic vampires are psychopaths in the workplace – especially at management level. Ever been in an office meeting and left feeling totally drained?

It’s rare to feel energised, unless you have an exceptionally positive and motivating boss. More often than not the types of people who make it to the top at management level are hardened psychopaths who will stop at nothing to get their way further up the ladder, treading on anyone who gets in their way, throwing people under the bus. These people leech off the energy of others. Getting subordinates to do work to impossible standards and denigrating anyone who fails to meet their demanding goals. Dealing with such people is draining. You will feel drained, exhausted, tired and humiliated. They, on the other hand, will feel amazing! Bouncy, full of energy, their own ego and ready for action! They have leeched your energy.

There are exceptions to these types of bosses. But few and far between.

Some people don’t even know they’re vampiring off other people’s energies and may not intend to either. I’m sure we all know a serial complainer. The little old lady who always has life problems, her health is ruined, life’s treating her badly, her house is in disrepair, hips are playing up, no one comes to visit, always on dozens of pills, dentures need fixing, TV doesn’t work and so on. Try spending even half an hour with someone like that and you cannot wait to get out of that door and breathe a sigh of relief. Very often an elderly relative, neighbour or the like. Not everyone elderly of course! But you will know the type. And they don’t even mean it, they’re not necessarily bad people – but after a long moaning session, I bet they’ll feel better and perhaps even thrive on the attention. You, however, will feel exhausted. They have leeched your energy.

The etheric types are trickier to deal with, but the energetic effects will be the same.
So. What to do?

1. Be aware of psychic or energy vampirism

The first thing is to actually know what’s going on. If you find yourself in the presence of someone that’s making you feel drained, tired, exhausted or feeling like you’re always having to meet their high expectations, you’re likely dealing with an energy vampire. If it’s an etheric one, that’s trickier, but pay attention to your behaviour patterns and energy levels perhaps in certain locations or even around certain objects. Some haunted locations may attract low level psychic vampire type energies that make you feel drained. Bizarrely, this can even affect technology such as video camera battery levels suddenly plummeting for no good reason or lights flickering. These entities are draining any energy sources they can in order to boost their own power in communicating.

2. Don’t play their game

Just as Morpheus in the Matrix states: It’s all about control. Their game is to gain control of your energy by gaining control of you. Less so in the physical sense, but more so in the psychological sense. Once they’ve got you jumping through hoops to please them, then it’s open season on your energy. Don’t let them. Take back control and be polite but assertive, speak up and stand your ground. Identify their game plan, but don’t run with it. Thwart it and subvert it, deflect it back to them if being directly attacked.

3. Put up or shut up

Speaking your mind is often easier said than done, and will likely cause friction especially against those who know that you’ve sussed their game plan as it then makes you a threat to them, but then consider – do you even want to be or work around people like that in the first place? Avoidance is a far better strategy. Try not to engage. Sometimes making for the hills is the best option. Change department, change role, change job. Whatever works for you!

In terms of family members this can be trickier, but you can limit your time with them or try to uplift them with positivity. Don’t let them drag you down into their low energy. Seek to bring their level up, rather than allowing them to drag yours down. For a persistent moaner something along the lines of this might do: “Nan, I really love you, but when you are being negative all the time I find it really draining. If you can’t be at least a bit positive I’m going to have to limit my time seeing you, sorry.” This might be a short, blunt way of stating it how it is and may even help the person see sense. Or, it could cause alienation. It’s a tricky one.

4. Guard your soul energy

The main advice I would give if you’re coming under psychic vampirism attack is to protect your energy using visualisations. If you can, go into a short meditation once in a while and visualise a white light surrounding yourself, imagine that this is coming from God/source/universe or whatever you feel offers a higher level of protection and see it as maintaining your soul energy. Imagine also a mirrored bubble encompassing you, totally deflecting any and all vampiric attempts. Amplify this with a golden light. Finally – visualise the person, people or etheric entity having a thick glass dome put straight over the top of them and clamping into a base, firmly locking them into an airtight container.

It sounds crazy and although this isn’t a physical thing we’re talking about, you should find energetically it may work wonders for your situation. They thrive on getting through your energy field. Don’t let them. Protect it, and isolate them from you. Call upon God/source/angels/guides to assist you with these things.

5. Guard your physical energy

The above deals more with the psychological energetic attacks. This is advice for dealing with the physical. Typically, this is likely to concern kids/teenagers at school dealing with physical bullies. What do bullies want? What do they thrive on? What keeps them going? Your energy. They control you to feed off your energy. It’s that simple. And they will often grow up to become bullies in the workplace. Again, it’s a really tough situation for youngsters, but essentially it’s a case of not playing their game and either disengaging, changing class or school or learning to fight back.

Learning to pack a heavy punch is an idea, but can be problematic if dealing with a group of bullies. There’s no easy answer, but then this is a spiritually primitive planet and life is not easy anyhow. Playing the game of the bullies by jumping through their hoops will only make them leech more energy. The lion chases the weakest gazelle and eventually eats all life force from it till there’s nothing left but an empty carcass. Fight back is the only real option so far as I’m concerned with protecting physical energy.

6. Try to change them, rather than let them try to change you

Psychic vampires, whether they realise they are one or not will be locked into a certain pattern. One of manipulating psychological dominance and control over those around them or by dragging others down to their level of moaning, complaining and bitterness. Their goal is to change you. Consider it almost like a war zone. They’re on one side (perhaps even the Dark side) and you’re on the other side (hopefully the Light side).

Try to lead by example, be positive, continually seek ways to lift the energy and let any negativity bounce off you like water off a duck’s back. If all else fails – bail. Remember, you’re not there to fix every soul, but you can give it your best shot and if that doesn’t work out, move on out of there. We live in a polarity universe. The Dark side is trying to make the world darker, the Light side is trying to make it lighter. If you’re reading this then it’s highly likely you’re on the Light side. Welcome aboard and take a seat. All you can do is your best. Remember, in the end it’s all only a great big chess game anyway.

7. Make others aware

Energy vampires hate to be identified. The biggest threat to a bully in their gang is for them to be called-out or proven as a coward. Having their agenda laid open for all to see strips them of their control. In the boardroom, it’s once again a case of sticking to your guns. If someone at management level is being a manipulative tossbag then point this out to everyone publicly and openly.

This may well single you out for their extra heat, but in the end if what you say has true validity, everyone will see it. It may be the case that everyone is so totally under their control they will cling religiously to their Dear Leader, North Korean style. If this is the case – who the hell wants to live in North Korea? Time to leave Pyongyang, baby! Pack your bags and fly.

I hope this helps some people in certain situations. Neither I, nor Spooky Isles takes any responsibility or liability for any actions or inactions as a result of reading this article. We want to make it very clear that YOU and you alone are responsible for your life. The advice given is based on general guidance when dealing with these situations. Take it or leave it, folks.

Good luck!


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