How to do a Seance: Talking to the Spirits Safely

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ANN MASSEY explains how to do a seance and contact the spirit world.

how to do a seance
how to hold a seance

The word seance brings about imagery of dimly lit parlours, Victorian dress, billowing curtains and rising tables. In reality a seance is simply a group effort to contact the spirit world. This simple guide will show you how to make a safe and hopefully successful attempt to do just that.

Why do you want to hold a seance?

You could be a part of a paranormal investigation, trying to contact a loved one or simply curious about what lies beyond.

The important thing is that you have a purpose.

To be successful you need to have focus and motivation. If you are indecisive or distracted, you will fail before you start.

How to do a seance safely

  • A seance can use a variety of conduits. First and foremost, you may enlist the power of a medium. The medium will also need a conduit of his/her own of course, but it is the ability and experience that will contribute to the success of your attempts.
  • In the case of a medium, they will often draw on a spirit guide who bridges the gap between this world and the next.
  • Other methods include the use of a spirit board, a pendulum or a glass. The spirit board involves the use of a planchette with a board of letters, numbers, and the words, yes, no and goodbye. The upturned glass on a table operates in a similar way without a marked board.
  • Both rely on those present gently touching either the planchette or glass without pressure and allowing spirits to ‘move’ the piece for responses.
  • A pendulum is held outwards and pulled still. Questions are asked after pre-determining with the spirit a north/south, east/west directionality for yes or no.

How to prepare and start a seance

  • The location should be quiet and ideally dark. The darkness allows for a clearing of the mind and focus. Candles will assist as a draw to spirits and holding of hands or touching of fingers on a glass or planchette will create synergy to maximize effect.
  • The important thing is to be surrounded by likeminded individuals. A seance relies on positive energy and a sceptic or anyone not taking it seriously will drain that surge.
  • It is vital you do a grounding or protection to shield you from negative energies and keep you anchored to our plane.
  • Initialize an invitation for any spirits, that they are welcome and may draw upon your energy to manifest.
  • Set a recognizable method for responses such as a tap once for yes, twice for no, or a direction for yes/no with the pendulum or glass.

What to say during a seance

  • Be clear and concise with questioning.
  • Do not ask open questions. Spirits expend a lot of energy with the simplest of responses so keep it short.
  • If you are on a paranormal investigation try and make your questions relevant to your location or ask if the spirit is connected to anyone in the room.
  • Only have one person speaking at once and allow time for responses.
  • Before any questioning at all, time and patience are needed to settle in your location and become aware of your surroundings and underlying sounds, smells and visual adjustment.
  • Use this time to calm yourself and focus.
  • Following on from allowing time for responses, you must understand it takes huge effort to connect and it may take time for a reaction to your question.
  • A lack of response to one question does not mean you will not get any responses.
  • Perseverance is key as is acceptance of what does or does not unfold.
  • Silence can be the best conduit, allowing time for spirits to maximize energy and create a response.

Avoid negativity during the seance

  • Firstly, intimidation and antagonization are not acceptable. Respect must be adhered to at all times.
  • If individuals within the group are feeling tired it is important to re-energize. This can happen by swapping in people to the planchette or glass or simple getting people to rub their hands together. Laughter is also wonderful for increasing energy levels and getting reactions.
  • In the event a negative energy is sensed, respectfully back away citing that you mean them no harm and that their presence is not welcome.
  • At no point should anyone who is intoxicated, troubled, have mental health issues, on certain medications or deliberately looking to provoke be allowed to participate. A negative force can form an attachment to these individuals and cause irreversible harm.

How to finish and close your seance session

  • If you are using a spirit board, point the planchette to goodbye. With the glass ask it to be returned to the centre of the table and if a pendulum pull it back to a standing drop.
  • Bid the spirits farewell and thank them for their energy and responses.
  • Perform another grounding/protection to ensure any spirits are anchored to the locality and do not follow any individuals home as well as dissipating any negative energy.


  1. Thanks for pointing out how silence can be helpful to your seance and allow the spirits to gather the energy required to give the people a response. My aunt really wants to speak to his recently passed husband about some matters in the estate. I think she is now planning to get some black candles to conduct a seance. I will be sure to keep the noise levels out so that she can have a better chance of eliciting a response from the spirits.


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