How to Shield Yourself During Paranormal Investigations

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KERRY GREENWAY reveals how to shield yourself during paranormal investigations

Shield from negative energy

In my last article ‘Protecting yourself from Negative Energy in Paranormal Investigations‘ I stated that one form of protection was Shielding, so I though I would explain a little more of what this concept actually means and some of the methods that can be used to create this.

What is Shielding and how does it protect you?

Firstly shielding is to create, via visualisation, an energy field that surrounds you with the specific intention of protecting you or repelling negative energy.

This can be used not just in the paranormal field but also in day-to-day life, and is especially useful for empaths or for highly emotive situations.

Shielding is one of those terms used within the metaphysical world and is often linked to psychic, mental or magical attack. In fact, most people use this method of protection during any energy work without actually realising what it is they are doing.

The shield is not designed to block you from feeling anything at all but acts as a filter allowing only the form of energy you want within your auric field. It’s about taking responsibility for your personal space and creating boundaries to protect you.

How to create a Shield

There are several methods or techniques to create a shield; firstly you must decide what you want your shield to do i.e. what your intention is. Various shields work in different ways and you can make a conscious choice as to what you’d like to allow within your shield, or not, depending on the situation.

Then you need to take a little time to centre yourself by taking a few deep breaths, then begin to build up a mental image of the shield you are creating.

Types of Shield

Sphere Shield

The most common method of shielding is to create a sphere of white light totally encompassing your body. This is also known as the spherical shield and is a great general usage shield with a basic intention of protecting from negativity.

Mirror Shield

This shield is visualised in the same way as the sphere except it has a mirrored surface therefore reflecting the negativity away from you and sending it back to where is came from.

This shield can take a little while to master as a lot of people have trouble making sure the mirror is facing outwards and not in towards them.

Empathic Shield

This particular shield holds the form of an actual shield, which can be placed between yourself and any negativity that may come at you. It is directional rather than all encompassing and takes some work to get it up to strength.

This is quite an evolved shielding method and although you start with a basic shield formation in visualisation it will start to change and you will find symbols and forms of decoration appear upon it that you have not consciously put there.

Whichever method of shield you deploy it doesn’t really matter just so long as it resonates with you and works for you. Once you start using shields on a regular basis you will find that you are able to master your own personal space a lot more and are a really useful tool on so many levels.


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