Ravenspark Asylum: Is it Scotland’s most haunted hospital?


Ravenspark Asylum in Ayrshire, Scotland, has a spooky past and present. Guest writer RICK HALE investigates…

Ravenspark Asylum

Here in the United States, it’s common for thrill seeking ghost hunters to seek out former psychiatric hospitals

Apparently they believe that this is where the ghosts are to be found.  Unfortunately, they usually turn out to be a big disappointment. 

However, this is not the situation with Irvine, Scotland’s Ravenspark Asylum, a place where the insane dead still walk.

In operation from 1846-1995, Ravenspark Asylum was the facility where the criminally insane were sent to be forgotten by polite society. 

After abruptly closing it’s doors in 1995, the former hospital quickly acquired the reputation for being the abode of restless and dangerous spirits. 

Spirits who maintained their insanity long after their bodies were laid to rest.

Those who have been brave enough to walk it’s halls have been witness to a number of bizarre and terrifying experiences. 

Visitors have watched as heavy doors open of their own accord and violently slam shattering the peace and quiet of the building. 

Others have reported the unmistakable sounds of running in the halls as a bone chilling wind blows past them. 

These reported occurrences may seem frightening to some, it’s not just slamming doors and cold breezes that make Ravenspark one of Scotland’s most haunted.

Apparitions of former patients have been seen as well.

Little boy in wheelchair ghost haunts Ravenspark Asylum

One of the asylum’s most prominent spirits is a sickly little boy in a wheelchair who has been seen in the physio room. 

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Those who have witnessed this sad little spirit report the same experience.  The wheelchair bound child rolls towards them and vanishes before their eyes.

Ward 3 appears to be the most active area in the former asylum. 

Visitors have reported seeing the spirit of a sick and haggard old woman aimlessly wandering the halls. 

Psychic mediums have claimed that just being near this spirit can make you feel the pain and suffering she endured in life.

Not all the spirits of ward 3 are former patients. 

The ghost of an orderly makes it very clear that you are not welcomed there. 

Folks who have encountered the unfriendly orderly have reported him rushing up to their faces and screaming at them to get out.

He then aggressively pushes pass them and disappears down the hall.

Not all Ravenspark Asylum’s ghostly inmates are evil

Ravenspark Asylum may seem like an altogether horrible place populated by many unpleasant spirits that clearly do not want you there. 

There does appear to be one friendly spirit known affectionately as “Peek-a-boo Pete”.

In the 1960s, a very child-like man was sent to live at the asylum.

His parents were getting up in age and couldn’t properly care for him anymore. Shortly after arriving at the asylum, the man quietly passed away in his room as he slept.

Peek-a-boo Pete is Ravenspark’s trickster spirit in residence. 

Pete, has a reputation of following young women around the hospital.

He’s been known to peek over a woman’s shoulder and whisper in their ear.

It’s further believed that Pete is the one who slams the doors in the asylum, forever playing a game of hide and go seek with whomever will join along.

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Ravenspark Asylum is not a place for the faint of heart.

And it’s not a place for the newly minted ghost hunter

Considering its long history of aggressive hauntings, it’s a place that should be approached with caution while treating it’s spiritual inhabitants with dignity and respect. 

And if you should go tell Pete I said hello.

Have you been to Ravenspark Asylum in Ayrshire, Scotland? Tell us about your experience!


  1. Ravenspark was pulled down years ago. Have there been any reports of paranormal activity from the home owners of the dwellings built on the original site?

  2. I used to work at ravenspark hospital back in 1989 when i was 15 as a yts just starting out in there i still have the key for the lock wards & my badge i found it very creepy working in there but just got on with it i didn’t like the sister we had at the time. I also worked in the day centre there making cups of tea & playing games with the elderly

  3. That’s something I have often wondered myself Liz, I would imagine there would be. My Grandpa died there in the 1980’s, he wasn’t criminally insane, just a frail old man.

  4. I worked in Ravenspark Hospital 1975. There were some poor souls . Allota Happy People To. Most were put in there due to their parents not wanting them. Maybe with Disabilities . Pregnant young girls. Dementia and jus Old. People God Love Them Their Folks Either Culdnt Cope With them or jus Embarrased with them. A lot of Characters . One was Wee Maggie. She was in wards 3 to 5 . Always wandering about. She Escaped one night to Irvine Moor. Maggie WS Missing For A Few Hours. When they found her she said. ( What a night this to let folk oot ) . Lovely Wee Woman . Always looking over your shoulder

  5. Me and a friend drove by 1 day as i was curious to what it was like, the new houses where just getting built and as we were driving by the atmosphere was creepy and i felt like i couldnt breath and someone strangling me, we had to turn the car around to come back the way and i was scared as hell

  6. I worked in ravenspark before going to start my nurse training. I worked in different wards and found there was a presence in the last ward I was in. I never saw anything but def felt frightened if in a certain area on my own.Ive always said I would never live in any of the houses built there,too many sad souls died there after years of being sent there .

  7. Does anyone know anything about the room with the door in the floor?
    I would love to hear more about it.
    I’m local but too young to ever have seen it. I’m fascinated by the history and stories of Ravenspark.

  8. i did a few investigations at ravens park it was a very interesting location we got covered by the irvin times


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