How to Use Scrying to Communicate with The Other Side

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KERRY GREENAWAY explains how to use the mystical method of ‘scrying’ to communicate with other worlds…

Psychic readings can be done in various methods.

Scrying was originally defined as the ‘art of gazing into a crystal ball’ in order to achieve communication with the ‘other world’.

But more accurately it was to achieve the state of focused awareness within your conscious mind in order to focus on a specific object, in order to receive impressions, images or messages from deep within your subconscious and allow them to ‘appear’ within your conscious awareness.

This might be described as a psychological explanation of what is achieved via scrying.

This is one theory that’s been proposed; another is that by allowing yourself to go into a deep trance like state it allows you to receive ‘messages’ from the other side, other realities, the ‘afterlife’ etc.

More recently ‘scrying’ has become a generic term used for many other methods and forms of doing what is generally classed as divination (essentially communing with the divine).

Scrying has existed for centuries…

The art of scrying, in various forms, has existed for centuries; the word itself comes from the old (Middle) English word ‘Descry’ meaning ‘to make out dimly’ or to ‘reveal’.

One of the first recorded reference to scrying came from a 10th century piece from Persia called the Shahnama which gives a description of using the Cup of Jamshid which allowed esoteric practitioners a vessel for observing the seven layers of the universe.

Since then there are many other accounts and historic references of various methods of scrying.

One of the best known would be John Dee, Queen Elisabeth I’s scientific advisor.

His particular method involved the use of a crystal ball (Smoky Quartz) Dee himself couldn’t see anything and relied on his ‘Scryer’ Edward Kelly who reported to Dee what he saw.

Other more modern examples include in the TV series Charmed where the sisters use a map and a pendulum to scry locations.

In Game of Thrones a method of animal scrying is used.

How to use scrying as a tool

In order to be able to use scrying as a method of divination you first must choose the tool you would like to use.

The most common method is a Crystal Ball, be warned though real crystal balls of a good size are incredibly expensive, the majority on the market are just glass, having said, that they are just as good as a point of focus.

Other forms you can use is, a bowl of water or ink, a mirror (usually black) in fact any thing that has a reflective, refractive or translucent surface. Other cultures also use fire or smoke.

So how do you actually do it?

Firstly prepare your space, candlelight is best, create a clean vibrational energy space just like you would if you was going to meditate. Take some time to get into the right frame of mind, sit comfortably, eyes shut, deep cleansing breaths. When you feel focused and ready then open your eyes and look deep within the scrying tool.

You can physically touch your medium of choice, as this may strengthen the connection, but you don‘t have to. (Obviously not when using fire.)

As always, intention is key. If you’re scrying for a specific purpose be sure to maintain your focus on that intention.

When images appear or insights have come to you take note of what you have received.

You can always look for hidden meanings afterwards.

My advice would be to only scry for around 15 minutes at a time, this is very deep intense form of working and can be tiring.


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