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David Farrant was a British paranormal investigator and author (1943-2020), known for his research and investigations into supernatural and paranormal activity


The Haunting of Donkey Wood, West London

Galloping ghostly highwaymen can still be heard in the haunted Donkey Wood in West London, says PATSY SORENTI

Welcome to the real Devil’s End, as seen in Doctor Who: The Daemons

The real-life locations of Devil's End in the classic Doctor Who serial The Daemons can be seen in Aldbourne in Wiltshire.
BARRY McCANN goes behind the scenes of Doctor Who classic The Daemon's and visits the real Devil's End - Aldbourne, Wiltshire

County Sligo: 5 Haunted Places to Visit

Drumcliffe Church Sligo
PETULA MITCHELL tells us of her five favourite haunted places to visit in County Sligo, Ireland

Berry Pomeroy Castle: A Scary Ghost Guide

Berry Pomeroy Castle, a haunted Tudor mansion in South Devon, is full of ghosts, Guest writer CHRIS HALL reveals

To the Devil a Daughter 1976 REVIEW

To the Devil a Daughter 1976
To the Devil a Daughter 1976 is one of Hammer's least successful horrors but it's better than you think, says DAVID SAUNDERSON
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