Tag: Dick Turpin

Dick Turpin (1705-1739) was an English highwayman, whose infamous exploits were romanticised following his death.


Don’t Open Till Christmas 1984 REVIEW

London’s not a safe place for Father Christmas in a festive slasher from 1980s Britain: RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES looks at Don’t Open Till Christmas 1984

Britain’s 5 Most Haunted Battlefields

EDDIE BRAZIL dons his breastplate and tassets and goes in search of the phantom armies, which are still slugging it out on Britain's Haunted Battlefields.

Is my house haunted? 5 tips to recognise hauntings

Is my house haunted?
DAVID SAUNDERSON highlights five signs to knowing if your house could be haunted...

Otta F Swire, Scotland’s Forgotten Folklorist

Otta Swire, Otta F Swire
MJ STEEL COLLINS looks at the little known Scottish author Otta F Swire and her amazing Herbridean folktales

10 West Midlands police encounters with the paranormal

West Midland Police Ghost Encounters
ANDREW HOMER notes some strange and disturbing tales told to him by local police who have experienced the paranormal...
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