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England’s Top 5 Haunted Railway Stations

RICK HALE rides the haunted rails, bringing us the 5 most haunted railway stations in England

Lewisham train cries haunt spooky South London bridge

EDDIE BRAZIL says the ghostly cries of train crash victims in haunted Lewisham in London could be explained by Stone Tape Theory…

The Warning Phantom of Moorgate Station

Did a ghost cause the deadly crash of a London tube train at Moorgate in 1975? EDDIE BRAZIL looks at the case.

15 Most Haunted London Underground Stations

Tube travellers are never too far away from ghosts. We pick 15 of the most haunted London underground stations...

5 Creepy Abandoned London Underground Stations

South Kentish Town Abandoned Underground Tube Station
Abandoned London Underground Stations can be found across the English capital.

West Midlands’ 30 Most Haunted transport links

Ghosts are associated with transport more than you think - ANDREW HOMER looks at Haunted West Midlands Transport Links

Haunted South London Train Stations

haunted south london trains
HAUNTED South London train stations are all too common, says EDDIE BRAZIL

Glasgow's 11 most terrifying subway hauntings

Glasgow haunted underground
MJ STEEL COLLINS reveals terrifying tales of Glasgow's underground train system that will give you the creeps

Haunted Lincolnshire railways

LH DAVIES reveals ghost trains and the Haunted Lincolnshire railways

20 Strange London Underground Things You Didn’t Know

It's little surprise that London Underground public transport can be a little creepy ...

A Railway for the Dead

Necropolis Station Waterloo
NICOLA CARPENTER looks back at the time Victorian London was overflowing with its dead and they had to build a railway to sort the problem out!


Amersham’s 7 Most Haunted Places to Visit

ASHLEY DARKWOOD from Wycombe Paranormal tells us about Amersham’s 7 most haunted places to visit!

Are Bovey Manor’s Ghosts Just Smugglers Tales?

Bovey Manor House
Bovey Manor in Devon has many ghosts stories, but are they are true? Rick Hale continues his series about Peter Underwood's greatest paranormal investigations

Devon’s 10 Most Haunted Places to Visit

Chambercombe Manor
Devon is home to some of the UK's most haunted places. CHRISTINE MILLER tells us 10 of the spookiest.

Portsmouth’s 5 Haunted Places to Visit

MATT WINGETT - author of Mysteries of Portsmouth - reveals the ghosts and hauntings of Pompey...

Never trust ‘Orbs’ taken on your smartphone: Experiments you can try at home

photograph an orb
MICKEY GOCOOL goes full Paranormal Blue Peter with these experiments to capture fake spirit orbs