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Rosemary Widdy Fahy, from Puca Paranormal

Rosemary Widdy Fahy, Puca Paranormal INTERVIEW

Rosemary Widdy Fahy is the face behind Púca Paranormal. She talks to ANN MASSEY about her spooky adventures around Ireland.
In Search of the Paranormal

In Search of the Paranormal TV REVIEW

ANN MASSEY gives us an overview of the latest paranormal web series, In Search of the Paranormal and reviews Season 2, The Skirrid Inn.

The Enigma of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP)

Guest writer PENNY GRIFFITHS-MORGAN discusses how she uses Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) during paranormal investigations

Should you use Spiritual Protection during Ghosthunting?

Spiritual protection is a term that sounds a little strange if you're not already familiar with it. Those venturing into reportedly haunted locations sometimes...
The Blackie in Liverpool

Evil ghost priest paralyses investigators at The Blackie’s ghost hunt in Liverpool

Guest writer ANNIE RAMBLER tells of her experiences investigating Livepool's The Blackie!
Andrew Fazekas, President of Luton Paranormal Society

Andrew Fazekas, Luton Paranormal Society, interview

We talk to Andrew Fazekas, President of the Luton Paranormal Society, on the joys and frustrations of paranormal investigation...
cheap ghost hunting tips

6 cheap and easy Ghost Hunting Techniques that won’t break the bank

You don’t need money to hunt ghosts. Try these fun ways of detecting whether your home is haunted, as used by RICK HALE

New Slains Castle, The Real Dracula Castle?

RYAN O'NEILL recounts the strange mystery of New Slains Castle, a location investigated by his team Scottish Paranormal

5 reasons your house probably isn’t haunted

Here are some common situations that could be mistaken for a haunting, according to RICK HALE
The Dolphin, in Littlehampton West Sussex

Child ghosts uncovered at Dolphin Hotel Littlehampton

Irish Paranormal Investigators heads to West Sussex in England to investigate The Dolphin Hotel, writes ANN MASSEY
Crawford Priory

Crawford Priory: In Search Of Lady Crawford’s Ghost

RYAN O’NEILL and his Scottish Paranormal team head to Crawford Priory in Fife to investigate a spectre of Lady Crawford
Spooky Hereford Ghosts

Ghosthunting in Spooky Herefordshire

Hereford Paranormal Group’s co-founder TOM HUNT discusses ghost hunting and other spooky pursuits in the historic rural county

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The Green Inn, Llangedwyn

The Ghost Girl of Llangedwyn’s Green Inn

ANDREW HOMER reveals a haunting of The Green Inn, Llangedwyn, and his own search for the horrors linked to the Shropshire inn...