Ghost Hunting at Croxteth Hall, Liverpool


Many ghosts have been seen at Croxteth Hall in Liverpool over the years. JOANNA HAGUE went on a ghost-hunting trip to have a look for herself…

Ghost Hunting at Croxteth Hall, Liverpool 1
Croxteth Hall, Liverpool

The parkland surrounding Croxteth Hall in Liverpool offers several acres of nature, trails, and pathways to explore. It also has a stunning walled garden on the property, which is full of history.

The Molyneux family occupied the hall from the 16th century until 1972, when the last Earl of Sefton passed away.

Over the years, there have been several ghost sightings at Croxteth Hall, both inside the building and on the grounds. Witnesses have reported seeing apparitions of the 6th Earl of Sefton, a young child, and a shadow figure that lurks in the dark.

Footsteps can be heard throughout the building, and doors in the kitchen open and close on their own.

Croxteth Hall has been occupied for more than 400 years, so there is bound to be some past residents not wanting to leave. I know I wouldn’t.

My Croxteth Hall Ghost Hunting Experience

For the second treat of my birthday, my brother took me to Croxteth Hall. The anticipation I felt on the drive there was immense.

We started on the top floor, which was known to be the servant’s quarters.

Placing a Rempod outside the door, we closed it behind us. If anything was going to walk up the corridor to the door, it would set off the alarm and notify us.

We placed the EMF detector and the digital recorder, and we had some new equipment with us tonight: a motion-activated teddy, some cat balls, and a motion robot! Before long, the EMF detector began flashing, and we could hear knocking sounds in response to us when we called out.

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Then, without warning, the Rempod outside began beeping, indicating movement next to it. I immediately shouted hello, and from where I was sitting, I could see through the crack in the door that there was no one there. Tonight, as we had also brought some cat balls with us, I now know how this sounds, but they are attractive to spirits as they take little energy to move. The EMF meter was still flashing in answer to our questions, and the ball began flashing.

With the robot placed in the centre, we gave a demonstration to any spirits of how it works. It follows movements with its head and can move forward and backward if something comes close to it. We were calling out, and without warning, the robot moved its head 90 degrees towards us. This was showing that it had picked up something and turned towards it. We could not see anything with our eyes.

We decided to move to a different room. This room has a bed inside that has moved when people have sat on it. We placed the Rempod outside the door again, just in case someone walked past it. We then shut the door.

On the fireplace, we put the digital recorder, an EMF meter and a cat ball. In the centre of the room, the EMF meters began lighting up before we had finished calling out. Whatever was making the meters light up seemed to move between the middle of the room, the fireplace, and back to the middle.

Again, there was lots of taping and knocks when we called out, but much to my disappointment, the bed did not move.

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In the second half, we decided to explore the kitchen area. We walked in and decided that we should look in all the rooms that went off the main kitchen and see where every corridor off the kitchen went so that we could easily find out if anyone could be hiding. This was one of the funniest things that happened on this ghost hunt.

As my brother looked inside one of the rooms, this could have been a pantry when it was a working kitchen, and said, ‘It’s a ghost’ I rushed over, all excited, and there was indeed a ghost in the room. Hiding behind the door was a Halloween decoration; it was a ghost in a sheet. Obviously, we had to take a picture for the comedy value of being able to say we had caught a ghost on camera.

We did have the digital recorder going, but I didn’t feel that anyone was with us. We moved to the servants dining room off the kitchen. We did a lot of calling out, used the rem pod and the cat balls, and even tried a Ouija board, but again, it seemed to have gone flat, and we were not experiencing much activity other than a few light spikes, so we left the room and headed for the last room of the night.

This was a room off the main kitchen. We had the rem pod set up, the recorder going, and the emf detector in the door. We began calling out. Before long, there were taps happening in response to our questions. The room itself felt very static; it was not a nice feeling, like the air was electric. Other than the taps, there was not much activity, so we decided to call it a night.

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Have you been to Croxteth Hall in Liverpool? Tell us about your experience in the comments section below!


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