Does Liverpool Nightclub Video Show Supernatural Activity?

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DONNA CUTTRESS investigates recently released footage of paranormal activity in a Liverpool nightclub…

The photo in question: Do you see a ghost in this Liverpool nightclub CCTV footage?

A Liverpool city centre nightclub has released CCTV footage of what it claims to be supernatural activity.

The imposing Victorian building on Eberle Street is situated off one of the original seven medieval streets of Liverpool, Dale Street.

The ghostly action was disclosed as the nightclub had been renovated, changing from the famous ‘Garlands’ to the new ‘Brickworks’.

It was suspected that the footage was released to generate publicity for the new establishment, but there have been reportings of spiritual occurrences in the building for a lot longer.

Experiences in the club included flickering lights, not just on the dancefloor, taps turning on by themselves, toilets flushing and glasses smashing, all when nobody has been around. Spooky footprints in black paint have also materialised by the dancefloor.

CCTV footage has also captured lots of orb activity and a dark mist that appears to travel around the club from room to room has been seen.

The site of the club has a long and varied history. Eberle Street was originally called Blackberry Lane. In the early 18th century it was home to ‘Hugh Davies’s Cockpit’, but did later raise its reputation to become a playhouse theatre. The Blackberry Theatre became a decent

Shakespearean venue which hosted many reputable travelling theatre companies.

Eventually the theatre closed and the street was renamed and rebuilt. William Street housed a grain warehouse and became a rundown cut through. A hotel was built on its corner by Thomas Eberle raising its fortunes once more and gaining it another name change.

Of course the activity in the club could be the result of careless workers, but the cleaner on the CCTV footage seems genuinely frightened, enough to end her phone call!

Maybe the spirits of Eberle street do not want any more change, and have decided to let the owners know.

Watch the footage for yourself here and tell us what you think!


  1. I was a night security guard in Garlands from 2003-2007 and would see these ‘orbs’ on the security monitors most nights I worked. I even saw one once as I entered the ‘small’ bar area when the entrance to Garlands was at the end of Eberle St. and I was leaving the main office to do my usual checks and rounds. I opened one of the double doors and upon walking in a movement above mecaught my attention. I looked up to see an object roughly the size of a tennis ball floating noiselessly towards the wall whereupon it promptly disappeared once it touched it I don’t know if it went into the wall or just disappeared once it touched it. The colour of it was very strange too as I had never seen anything like it before or since. The only way I can describe it is as white but a white that is so pure that I still can’t wrap my head around it. Pure is the only word I can use that comes even close to describing it but even that doesn’t seem to make sense.

  2. I worked the bar during the change over. I used to clean the roof terrace that was directly facing the Gbar entrance. Steps from the terrace led straight onto eberle street but metal padlocked gates stop access.
    Around 10pm I was mopping the water that had flooded the roof due to heavy rain. My back facing the stairway I heared a customer coming up the steps it was a young lad looking scared and a bit roughed up. I had a fright not expecting anyone there and just as I was about to ask him how he got onto the premises he qas clearly upset and asked ” “can I come back up now please”. Feeling scared that a random customer was there infront of me along with the sense something wasn’t right , I went to pick up the mop bucket I felt him catch my arm with his solid as anything then literally he was gone. Vanished. I threw everything down and legged it to the Garlands area and told the staff who had heared similar stories before. I have never been so spooked in my life ill never forget how solid his body felt when catching mine. Amazing


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