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Scotland is a country that is part of the United Kingdom.

Ravenspark Asylum: Is it Scotland’s most haunted hospital?

Ravenspark Asylum
Ravenspark Asylum in Ayrshire, Scotland, has a spooky past and present. Guest writer RICK HALE investigates...

Culzean Castle Most Haunted REVIEW

Most Haunted Leap Castle
DAVID BARRETT takes a look back at the Culzean Castle Most Haunted episode

3 scary haunted castles in south-west Scotland

Culzean Castle
DAVID BARRETT shines his torch on three of south-west Scotland's most haunted castles

What is the monstrous Big Grey Man of Ben Mac Dhui?

RICK HALE explores the mysterious, and angry, monster known as The Big Grey Man of Ben Mac Dhui

Scottish royal phantoms and spectres still haunt Linlithgow Palace’s ghostly passages

linlithgow palace
RYAN O'NEILL investigates the royal hauntings of Linlithgow Palace in West Lothian, Scotland, including Mary Queen of Scots

Lanarkshire: 5 Haunted Places To Visit

Lanarkshire in Central Scotland has many haunted places. DAVID BARRETT takes us on a tour...

My 5 Top Scottish Ghosthunting Spots

Scottish Ghosthunting
DAVID BARRETT shares his top five locations to visit in search of ghostly activity in Scotland

Is Mary King’s Close haunted? The scary truth behind Edinburgh’s top...

edinburgh ghost tours
Mary King's Close in Edinburgh, Scotland, has a dark paranormal side, says guest writer RYAN O'NEILL

5 Grisliest Highland and Hebridean Murders of fhe 19th Century

MJ COLLINS picks some of the most gruesome murders ever committed in Scotland...

'Ghosts are here due in part to unfinished business': Paranormal Investigator...

David Barrett
David Barrett, a Paranormal Investigator based in Scotland, talks to MJ STEEL COLLINS about his work

5 scary Glasgow poltergeists who will give you shivers!

Glasgow Poltergeist
MJ STEEL COLLINS reveals five Glasgow poltergeists from her new book, Uncanny Clydeside

Watch Cyril the Haunted Doll and my creepy doll collection VIDEO

Scottish author GREGOR STEWART reveals why he has began collecting haunted dolls and other possessed artefacts that will give you the creeps!

The Wicker Man: 10 strange facts you didn’t know

The Wicker Man
Let's go to Summerisle for some strange facts about The Wicker Man 1973, from KAYLEIGH MARIE EDWARDS

The art of co-operating with fairies

AMY VAN CASTEELE says fairies can be helpful or problematic depending on how you deal with them...

What is a Selkie or Seal Bride?

AMY VAN DE CASTEELE reveals that not all Scottish fairiers are landlubbers...

My Ghost Experience: Provand’s Lordship, Glasgow

While being shown around Glasgow's oldest house by M J Steel Collins, Australian Kim had an unexpected encounter with a Glaswegian from an earlier era...

21 Most Haunted Scottish Castles

Here are Scotland's most creepy and ghost-filled castles, according to MJ STEEL COLLINS

Haunted Kellie Castle, Fife

GREGOR STEWART reveals the ghosts of Kellie Castle, Fife

Haunted Claypotts Castle, Dundee

Claypotts Castle
GREGOR STEWART reveals the ghosts of Claypotts Castle, Dundee

Haunted Burleigh Castle, Perth and Kinross

Haunted Burleigh Castle
GREGOR STEWART reveals the ghosts of Burleigh Castle in Perth and Kinross

Earlshall Castle, Fife: A guide to ghosts and hauntings!

Earlshall Castle in Fife is one of Scotland's most historic and haunted places to visit. GREGOR STEWART reveals its ghosts...

Queen Victoria saw Green Lady ghost at Crathes Castle

Crathes Castle
GREGOR STEWART reveals the ghosts of Crathes Castle in Aberdeenshire

Haunted Fernie Castle, Fife Scotland

Fernie Castle
GREGOR STEWART reveals the ghosts of Fernie Castle in Fife

Dunnottar Castle, the haunted Scottish fortress

Dunnottar Castle
GREGOR STEWART looks at the spooks inside Dunnottar Castle, Aberdeenshire


10 Haunted Cornwall Pubs to Terrify You!

KEITH COLEMAN looks at 10 haunted Cornwall pubs, inns and hotels

9 Weird Welsh Mythical Creatures that will blow your mind!

These weird Welsh Mythical Creatures will blow your mind, reports NIA JONES!

Eight Disturbing True Tales of Welsh Changelings

Welsh Changeling
CLAIRE BARRAND picks out eight historical changelig cases in Wales, with shocking eyewitness accounts of Welsh changelings...

Barrhead: 5 Haunted Places to Visit

MJ STEEL COLLINS takes a personal journey through Haunted Barrhead in Scotland

10 Spooky Facts About Yew Trees

Yew Tree
Yew Trees are at the heart of folklore in the UK and Ireland. CALLUM CAMPBELL takes a look at this spooky tree.