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Sherlock Holmes is a fictional detective created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in the late 19th century. He first appeared in the novel “A Study in Scarlet” in 1887 and went on to feature in four novels and 56 short stories. Over the years, the character of Sherlock Holmes has been adapted into various forms of media including plays, movies, television shows, and comic books.

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19 British Bird Superstitions You Didn’t Know

Bird Superstitions
Birds have played an important role in the folklore and superstitions of the UK for centuries, with many beliefs surrounding different bird species and their behaviour. Here are some of those bird superstitions.

London’s 6 Strangest Haunted Cemeteries

Take a look at some of London's weirdest haunted cemeteries and the ghosts that make them their home...

CSI Exchange Street: The Murder of Brother Francis

DR FIONA-JANE BROWN tells of the shocking and ghostly history of two historic Aberdeen drinking establishments, Musa and Wagleys!

Top 5 ‘Cosy’ British Horror Films

Curse of Frankenstein
Guest writer DR JAY DANIEL THOMPSON looks to rural England to discover some quaint British horrors...

The Druid’s Temple, Yorkshire’s Ancient Folly

Druid's Temple, Marsham, Yorkshire
The Druid’s Temple is a fascinating 19th century built folly near Ilton in North Yorkshire which reveals our remote, forgotten past...
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