Tamworth Castle, Most Haunted (S3, E6) REVIEW


Yvette Fielding and the Most Haunted team delve into Tamworth Castle’s haunting mysteries, uncovering eerie phenomena and historical tales in a chilling, unexplained adventure, writes JOANNA HAGUE

Tamworth Castle, Most Haunted (S3, E6) REVIEW

Episode Title: Tamworth Castle
Location: Tamworth, Staffordshire
Series: 3 Episode Number: 6
Originally broadcast: 11 Novemner 2003

Tamworth Castle, Most Haunted Review

Looking very glamourous, Yvette Fielding opens the episode on a sunny day, with the city of Tamworth as her backdrop. She introduces the episode by telling the viewer about an entity that causes blindness and a woman who can be heard weeping looking for her lost lover. 

Tamworth Castle has 800 years of history as a fortress and a home. It was originally built for protection against the Danes and has passed through the hands of several owners before the town council took ownership, the council secured the property for £3,000. Richard Felix, historian, speaks about the battles on the site between the Saxons and the Vikings. 

Yvette begins to talk about the experiences that workers have had, including figures seen from the corner of the eye, alarms going off in the middle of the night for no reasons and doors opening and closing on their own. Two workers in the castle said they witnessed a blue mist coming towards them, they then got a sharp pain in their heads and went blind. When their sight was returned, they saw a blue mist swirling around them and vanishing out of the window. 

On the second floor, in one of the bedrooms a lady has been seen out of the window, weeping on the battlements. She can then be seen throwing herself from the top. Richard believes that this might have been on of the princesses who won the battles but died in 918.

On the stairs, many people have seen a woman, believed to be a nun. There has been a famous photo captured of her in the 40s. There are also men’s voices that can be heard, and countless members of staff have seen apparitions and heard noises around Tamworth Castle. 

Phil Wyman conducted all the usual baseline tests throughout the day, he also set up motion detectors and other gadgets, including voice recorders in the most haunted areas, in hopes of catching something. 

When medium Derek Acorah arrives at Tamworth castle and begins his walk around, he picks up on the residual energy of a lady, who he then goes on to describe as a lady of the cloth, who was murdered. He also picks up on a Sir Tarquin, stating that he wanders up and down and his footsteps will often be heard. He is interrupted by the sound of a door banging below, when investigated it appears that there is no one living around that could have made the noise.

While on the stairs, Derek talks about manifestations appearing and Derek poses in the same way that the apparition would appear. He is given a name by his spirit guide Sam and the information appears on the bottom of the screen verifying the name. He also picks up on a man who takes away people’s sight, the energy does this to cause alarm to people and Derek states that he is not a nice person. 

In another part of Tamworth castle, Derek talks about one of the executioners’ swords, Richard confirms that there are these instruments in the building. When seeing the sword, Derek mentions a name of the executioner that used the sword and Richard says he will look into the information, but the information comes up on the screen saying they could not find anyone by that name. 

During the investigation, Karl, Yvette and Rick go into the haunted bedroom, they witness some orbs or light anomalies that go across the camera. They can also hear noises coming from outside the room on the staircase. They do have a camera locked on the stairs; the camera moves on its own, but the crew are unaware of this until they review the footage. 

They go and sit on the stairs when they hear a door shutting, which they believe to be the one at the bottom. While on the stairs Rick states that he is feeling like he is being watched, and they hear what sounds like a woman crying. 

The funniest part of this episode is when without warning the alarm goes off in the building and makes everyone jump out of their skin. The staff have to be called out to investigate along with the fire service. The curator of Tamworth castle says that usually when the alarm goes off it usually flashes on the device that has been triggered but they could not find which one triggered and there were no faults with the system. This is where they end the episode, as they are unable to go back in the castle until a full check has been carried out. 

It was a really interesting episode with activity that could not be explained such as the moving camera and the alarm sounding for no reason at all.

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