Three Locations Most Haunted REVIEW

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Most Haunted visited Three Locations for one episode – The Heritage Centre, Laffery’s Pub, The Bell Inn, in Derby. CHRISTINE MILLER looks back at the episode…

Most Haunted - three locations

Episode Title: Three Locations – The Heritage Centre, Laffery’s Pub, The Bell Inn
Location: Derby, Derbyshire

Series: 2 Episode Number: 23
Originally broadcast: 2003

Medium: Derek Acorah
Parapsychologists: Phil Whyman, Dr. Matthew Smith & Dr. Ciaran O’Keeffe

For this episode, the Most Haunted team are visiting not one, but three locations as part of their quest to unearth some paranormal phenomena in Derby, one of the most haunted cities in the UK.

The first location, The Heritage Centre, which is built on a plague pit, has seen its fair share of hauntings.

The ghost of a little boy has been seen walking around the old room and disappears. Footsteps, doors open, bumps and bangs, and ghosts following staff up the stairs – this is just some of the activity that has been reported in the building.

When the team arrive, their EMF reader begins to go off the scale, with no apparent logical explanation. When they lift a wooden board off the floor and put the EMF meter in the space below, the EMF reader continues to increase.

Derek picks up on the name John Cotton who is the spirit responsible for the poltergeist activity. John Cotton is in the records as having worked in the building when it was a Grammar school for boys.

With lights out, the group moves upstairs to where the little boy has been seen. The group hear a hustling noise and with that, both Cath and Victoria are out of the room like a shot.

The team move on to Lafferty’s pub now, where the cellar is rife with paranormal activity. Items move on their own and are thrown throughout the room. A human skull was unearthed beneath the pub in 1994, and Yvette is keen to try and solve the mystery as to who it once belonged to.

Derek picks up on the spirit of a man, who was a soldier, who walks across the bar area, who Derek claims is called Theo. Moving onto the skull, Derek states that he believes the skull is female, and the gentleman that walks the bar area is the man responsible for the woman’s death. Derek calls her Sally.

Moving to the cellar, Derek says that the skull belongs down here, to which the proprietor answers in the affirmative. Derek also correctly states that the skull was not moved after it was discovered for some time, due to the police having to be called in case it was a modern-day skeleton.

Craig, Andy, Tom and Karl are on night vigil in Lafferty’s. When they are sitting talking, they hear the thump of very loud footsteps above them. Clearly unnerved, the group fall silent. This however is all that happened during their vigil.

The final location the team are taking us to is The Bell Inn, where a murder took place. The ghost of a Victorian lady has been seen in the bar area; she materialises only to vanish through the wall. Room 29 is the scene where an 18th century serving maid had her throat cut. Staff have seen her on numerous occasions and many outright refuse to enter the room.

The team head straight for Room 29 with Derek, who immediately says he wants to scream, and picks up on the murdered girl, and also senses that her throat was cut. Derek claims that at the time of her death she was pregnant. Derek states that the girl’s name was Jilly Morgan, although records can not confirm this. The murderer, is a man called John, although records can not confirm this either,

Yvette, Phil and Richard are on night vigil in Room 29. They call out, asking if there is anyone with them, but receive no response. They soon notice that the door to the room they are in has closed on them with no draft.

When the team left and review their tapes, they discover that the light in Room 29 was swinging of its own accord, but according to baseline tests performed prior to shooting, they found no drafts that would have caused this.

Considering the team went to three locations, there was sadly any activity in any of the locations.

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