Witchcraft And Ghosts At Tredegar House, Wales

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Tredegar House in Newport, Wales, isn’t just merely haunted, it’s infested with ghosts, says RICK HALE

An early painting of Tredegar House in Newport, Wales
An early painting of Tredegar House in Newport, Wales

Dark, imposing, and brooding these are only three words to describe Tredegar House in Newport, Wales.

If you were to walk up to this Grade I listed country house and say, “You know what, this place just looks like it should be haunted,” no one could possibly fault you.

But, it’s not just the souls of those long since passed that haunt Tredegar House. Something dark lurks there, hiding in the shadows and may have been summoned into our realm by dark, arcane magical practices.

Tredegar House isn’t just merely haunted.  It is infested.

History Of Tredegar House

Although the earliest parts of the house can trace their origins to the 15th century, the bulk of the construction began in 1664 and was completed in 1672.

Throughout its long history, Tredegar was home to the powerful and extraordinarily wealthy Morgan family.

The builder of the house, William Morgan spared no expense in building his home and used red brick, a rare and expensive building material not found in Wales.

Perhaps the most famous Morgan to be lord of the house,  was Godfrey Morgan, a survivor of the charge of the Light Brigade. In 1909, Godfrey became the viscount of Tredegar.

Viscount Tredegar was known as a kind and generous man who donated acres of land to the people of Newport for public use.

Sadly, Godfrey died in 1913 and his son, Courtney assumed ownership of the house and title of Viscount.

When Courtney passed away in 1934, his son Evan took over ownership of the house. And it  was with Evan, a reputably odd young man, that all the paranormal trouble began.

Tredegar House in Newport, Wales
Tredegar House in Newport, Wales

Black Magic Bashes

Lots of stories were spread about Evan and the company he kept, and one of those stories was Evan was a dabbler in witchcraft and performed black magic rites in the Brown Room, with several other dabblers of the dark arts.

Among these dabblers were author HG Wells, journalist Godfrey Winn and Prince Paul of Greece.

But the most high profile occultist to attend these black magic bashes  was none other than the beast himself, Alistair Crowley.

It would seem that something crawled out of the pit of hell during one of these rituals in the Brown Room. Something inhuman.

Visitors have remarked that an unnatural bone chilling cold permeates the room regardless of how hot the rest of the house appears to be.

And a feeling of unease, some might even call dread,is imprinted on the very fabric of the room. Something decidedly unfriendly haunts the Brown Room.

The day finally came for the Morgan reign of Tredegar House to come  an end in 1951 when the house was turned into a Catholic girl’s school.

And in 1974, the house passed into the hands of the Newport Council.

Now, for many years it had been rumoured that this grand old house was haunted. But when the Council took over, that’s when the ghostly activity was kicked into high gear.

A Parade Of Nuns

Perhaps the most unnerving ghostly activity reported at Tredegar is the appearance of a ghostly procession of nuns.

Curious onlookers have watched in awe as the procession appears, walks through the inner courtyard and vanishes once it reaches the brew house.

Visitors have also reported seeing a solitary nun in a grey habit standing at the top of the stairs and looking down on people as they enter.

Ghost hunters believe the nuns are a spectral holdover from the days when the house was a Catholic school.

Witchcraft And Ghosts At Tredegar House, Wales 1
The Gilt Room at Tredegar House in Newport, Wales

The Bell’s Passage

During the Manor’s heyday as the residence of the Morgan clan, an intricate system of 20 bells was installed in the house. And the servants dubbed it “the Bell’s Passage”.

Whenever a Morgan desired something, no matter the time of day, all they would have to do was pull a string and the bells would sound.

The days of summoning servants may be long gone but the sound of the bells still ring out in the house.

Researchers believe that the sound is either a place memory or one of the ghostly residents is calling for a servant from beyond the grave.

The Social Centre

Tredegar House sits on a vast estate and several outbuildings sit on  the property. And one of those outbuildings, the Social Centre is a hotspot of paranormal activity.

The Social Centre, formerly a barn, was one of the buildings donated by Viscount Godfrey Morgan. And it appears to be one of the most haunted buildings in the estate.

Before becoming a community centre, the building was a grocery store where locals could shop.

Customers reportedly watched as produce would suddenly fly off the shelves and sail across the room.

Lights would flicker on and off and phantom footsteps would follow people around as they shopped.

After being turned into a community centre the activity in the building continued.

Thankfully whomever haunts the building appears to be playful with no hint of malice. Well, not yet anyways.

Apart from whatever haunts the Brown Room, the many ghosts that reside in Tredegar House appear to either be completely benign or an echo forever captured in time.

These days, Tredegar House is a popular tourist attraction and welcomes thousands of visitors a year from around the world.

You can take a tour and admire this grand old country house. Or listen to tales of the powerful family that resided in it for almost 5 centuries. And as for the ghosts, well, they’re just an added bonus.

Have you seen a ghost at Tredegar House in Newport? Tell us about it in the comments section below!


  1. I haven’t seen but I’ve heard and felt some of the ghost’s at Tredeger house , I was sat outside the butler’s pantry and heard someone walking around in there I walked in nobody was there I sat back down and it happened again, another time I was in the stables and I could smell horse sweat and urine and then I felt the nose of a horse rub on my back then I shout to the people in the stable block if they could smell what I could and yes they could another time I could smell nail varnish in the red room as I was chatting to a lady about princess Olga Dolgorouky the air just fulled with the smell of it then just went hopefully next time I’ll get to see one

  2. As a person who spends a lot of time in Tredegar House, your article at best is fiction…
    First off Godfrey Morgan never married nor did he have any children, Courtney was his younger brother Frederick’s son!
    No black magic or rituals were ever practiced in the Brown Room and nothing from the pit of hell was released into the room or even into the house, the Brown Room is a beautiful peaceful room and is absolutely nothing like the way you are explaining it to be!
    Evan Morgan had a strong interest in the a cult and if he did act upon it, he would have done so in the cellars of Tredegar House!
    Tredegar House is definitely NOT infested with ghosts or demonic entities and if anything has floated across rooms I’ve never heard the stories! I will say yes there are a few friendly spirits but definitely nothing that anyone should ever be considered about, I will say yes some of us have definitely experienced unexplained happenings but nothing that would bring harm upon us or the visitors..
    As for Bell’s Passage, you have written that there are 20 bells but in fact there are 39…. I can not say for sure that the bells have not rang out even though they are no longer in a working condition, but I’ve never heard them…
    Please also remember that Tredegar House is a very big beautiful mansion with many drafts so cold spots are very common throughout the house!
    Lastly, honestly if you are going to write a review about Tredegar House please get your facts correct and I would love to know who your researchers are! Maybe you should come and take a tour I’d be more than happy to show you around… Those of us who spend our free time volunteering at Tredegar House enjoy sharing its amazing history and the history of the Morgan family and articles like this one just show this beautiful mansion in a bad light and it will disappoint future visitors expecting a house full of ghosts..

  3. My sister and her friends where by the lake and they saw a man in a black suit with a black hat in the distance and they was scared they waited for a bit and they thought if it was some and they was waiting for someone to walk by but none did they got it on video we think it was a ghost but we will never know


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