What Does Rain At A Funeral Mean?

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Rain at a funeral can carry diverse cultural meanings, from cleansing and mourning to luck and renewal. We take a look at what it all might symbolise.

Rain at a funeral

The rain that falls upon a funeral can hold deep mystical significance, varying from culture to culture and person to person.

In Britian and Ireland, rain has long been associated with powerful symbolism, especially when it falls on a solemn occasion such as a funeral.

To some, rain at a funeral is seen as a cleansing force, a sign of renewal that washes away the sorrow and pain of loss. Others see it as a sign of sadness, a reflection of the tears that people shed when they lose someone close to them.

Yet, there are those who believe that rain at a funeral brings good luck and blessings to the deceased and their kin.

In Ireland, a traditional saying states that “happy is the corpse the rain falls on,” indicating the belief that rain at a funeral can bring prosperity and fortune to the deceased and their loved ones.

Rain at a Funeral means different things

In certain parts of the country, it is also believed that the rain signifies the soul of the departed being released from purgatory and ascending to heaven.

But people speculating about rain at a funeral is not something that only happens in the British Isles. People from all over the world have different beliefs about this  occurrence.

In some African traditions, rain is a sign of acceptance by the ancestors and a cleansing force that banishes any lingering malevolent spirits. In some Asian cultures, rain is viewed as a powerful agent of reincarnation and emotional healing.

Despite the variations in cultural beliefs, it is clear that the rain at a funeral holds a deep and profound significance for those who mourn.

It is a reminder that death is not the end, but rather a journey into the great unknown – a journey that can be accompanied by powerful and mystical forces.

What do you think about rain at a funeral? Have you experienced it? Tell us your thoughts at the comments section below!


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