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Death is a part of life – and afterlife – in the Spooky Isles.

Suicides and Burials: Sacrilege in Days Gone By

DEBORAH CONTESSA debunks the common misconception that murderers and people who had committed suicide could never buried in consecrated ground...

10 Creepiest Ireland Burials

Here are some of the creepiest and most disturbing Ireland burials ever seen, from ANN MASSEY

5 Scottish death customs you never knew existed

A Highland Funeral by Sir James Guthrie, 1883.
KATE CHERRELL looks at five unusual Scottish death customs

5 strange British funeral superstitions

Welsh funeral
Death and funerals are surrounded by folklore and superstition. KATE CHERELL reveals some of the strangest beliefs concerning British funerals...

10 Bizarre and Unusual English Graves

Guest writer KATE CHERRELL tells us about some of England's strangest graves

10 Scariest Banshee Hauntings in Ireland

ANN MASSEY gives us her top 10 terrifying Banshee appearances from history in Ireland…

Top 7 must-see London Cemeteries: How many have you visited?

Here's a list of London Cemeteries, known as the Magnificent Seven for their amazing graves and monuments!

Do you believe in the Afterlife?

The Afterlife
Guest writer and paranormal investigator JAYNE HARRIS ponders life after death as she tells Spooky Isles about her new documentary 'The Afterlife'

How the Welsh bury their dead: Superstitions and death in Wales

Welsh funeral
CLAIRE BARRAND tells us how to bury your dead in Wales and the superstitions and rituals that remain today.

Ghosts of the secretly buried haunted my South Wales childhood

Guest writer CLAIRE BARRAND describes her haunted childhood in South Wales unknowingly living next to a secret mass grave... 

Black dogs and other terrifying warnings of death

Black Dog
Guest writer K.B. GODDARD ponders the legends of portents of death around the Spooky Isles

Haunted Kirkcaldy book reveals bizarre ‘Testimony of the Dead’

GREGOR STEWART reveals how the dead would talk in ancient Scottish court cases in his book, Haunted Kirkcaldy

Britian’s Most Notorious Unsolved Deaths

NIA JONES gives us 10 of Britain’s most notorious cold cases, reminding you to never forget them

Britain’s Forgotten Bodysnatchers

Mortsafe protect against bodysnatchers
MJ STEEL COLLINS speaks to Suzie Lennox about her fascination for Britain's Forgotten Bodysnatchers….

The Demon Bride of County Monaghan

ANN MASSEY explains the tale of the Demon Bride and why you should never be the last to leave a funeral

5 Irish Funeral Traditions you’re dying to know

Irish Funeral
The Irish have some long-held beliefs and practices when it comes to honouring their dead. ANN MASSEY checks out these Irish Funeral traditions

Who is Bean Nighe, the Celtic Washerwoman, Prophetess of Doom?

Bean Nighe
Bean Nighe, the Washerwoman at the Ford, is Scotland's harbinger of death, says AMY VAN DE CASTEELE

5 strange Victorian deaths that’ll make you laugh and cry

ANDREW GARVEY gives us a few more odd Victorian deaths

What is Dead Man's Hole in London?

Did you know under Tower Bridge in London there is an area called Dead Man's Hole?

Haunting Beauty of Highgate Cemetery

Highgate Cemetery
Highgate Cemetery in North London is world-famous for its monuments to the dead and its lush, haunting atmosphere

Could ‘Near Death Experiences’ actually be painful?

MJ WAYLAND explores stories of Near Death Experiences and how the "white light" can be a nightmarish experience

Premature Burials in England

Premature Burials in England
STEPHEN JACOBS looks into premature burials in England with tales of victims who lived to tale their terrifying tale!

The Communal Coffin of Easingwold, Yorkshire

Easingwold Church
In which Yorkshire village was kept a parish coffin for the common use of all?

8 strange things you never knew about Mummies!

Englishman Howard Carter discovered King Tut's tomb 100 years ago this year and his actions were cursed. Here’s a list showing why mummies have good reason to be angry about how they’ve been treated in recent centuries ...


John Polidori: Genesis of The Vampyre and the Byronic Hero

John Polidori The Vampyre
DR KAJA FRANCK explores how the birth of Frankenstein also involved the creation of the first English vampire novel by John Polidori

5 Strangest Ireland Executions

CHRIS RUSH takes a look at five of the strangest Ireland executions

Top 10 Best Boris Karloff Films

Boris Karloff movies, Boris Karloff films
Award-winning horror biographer STEPHEN JACOBS lists his Top 10 Boris Karloff films exclusively for The Spooky Isles

Isleworth: 10 Haunted Places to Visit

PATSY SORENTI lists the most haunted places to visit in Old Isleworth in West London

The Voice of Vrillon: A Hoax from Out of this World

LES HEWITT looks back on The Voice of Vrillon, a televised hoax from 1977 that still has people confused