What is a Kelpie? Scotland’s Horses of Hell!


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Kelpies are ferocious creatures, native to the waterways of Scotland, and aim to kill and eat as many humans as possible. CALLUM CAMPBELL tells us more about these blood-thirsty monsters!


What is a Kelpie?

Prowling around at running freshwater, Kelpies appear as terribly large horses, which are obviously endowed with immense physical power and have a soaking hide, black as night.

Their manes are often entangled with aquatic foliage, however, the most distinguishing mark between a Kelpie and a regular horse is that a Kelpie’s feet are reputed to be pointed backwards. 

Kelpies are solitary beings, but they will sometimes mate with regular horses; their offspring will be capable of breathing underwater and can be distinguished by their shorter ears. 

If you are to see one of these magnificent predators you will be taken away with how wondrous it looks and you will realise that your legs are weary. 

The horse looks like it could easily give you a ride home however you must resist this temptation as this is what the Kelpie wants you to think and if you are to even lay a finger on it you will be binded to the horse’s flesh so tightly that not even the strongest man will be able to sever the bond. 

After the Kelpie has succeeded in trapping you on it’s hide it will gallop into the river and swim right to the bottom, dragging you with it. 

The goal of a Kelpie is to kill you!

Here it will complete its goal, tearing into your succulent flesh and drenching its tongue into your salty blood. The only sign of you after the Kelpie has finished will be your savaged intestines floating on the surface of the water. 

If you have not identified the creature in front of you as a Kelpie and place your hand on it there is still a sliver of hope as you can cut your hand off and release yourself from the Kelpie’s grasp at the price of your hand. 

Kelpies are already capable hunters and they are even more so as they possess the ability to summon a flash flood that can sweep folk off their feet. 

Kelpies can also sweep people off their feet figuratively too as they can transform into a handsome dark haired man in order to charm their victims, luring them into getting closer then they attack and drag them into the murky waters. 

In this form they will have sodden hair and may have a necklace which acts as its bridle. Kelpies may not be entirely evil as a Kelpie in it’s human form was capable of falling in love with a mortal and allowing a wise man to change him from a monster to a man. 

How to destroy a Kelpie

Fortunately there are many ways to kill a Kelpie; such as shooting it with a silver bullet which will melt it into a mess of a glue like substance or stabbing it with iron. 

If the Kelpie has a bridle on it you can banish the creature by removing the bridle. 

Killing a Kelpie is a good idea as they feast on humans, however, if you are to skelp a Kelpie it will simply remove an evil from the world so why not use a Kelpie to add some good?

If you were to put a bridle with a cross inscribed on it onto a Kelpie it would become subservient to all your commands and a horse with the strength of 10 men that can transform into a man would be a very useful and versatile servant that could help you improve the world. 

So be wary and wily at the brooks and burns of Scotland and do not be tempted to go for a ride on a horse, no matter how tired you are. 

Watch Kelpie Mythical Beast Video


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