Irish woman told to sell pigs by ghost: Belfast Morning News 1862


Here’s an interesting article published in the Belfast Morning News, back on the 13 January 1862, titled “A Practical Method of Appeal from a Ghost”:
A woman in the County Limerick, not far from Einly, buried her husband a few months ago.
A knock came the door some night last month.
She asked who was there.
A hollow voice answered, “I’m your husband, whom you buried, and I am very miserable till my debts are paid. Sell the two pigs you have and sure have the money for me on such a night when I call.”
The poor ignorant woman did as he required, and felt happy at being able to meet his request, whether through fear or love (as he appeared with his shroud and pale face).
Between the first and second visit of the ghost, the poor woman went and told her story to the priest; he told her to have two policemen in the house when she would be giving the money.
Accordingly, after getting the money, the shrouded ghost came, and was arrested by the police and lodged in Limerick Jail.
This ghost turned out be a near neighbour who is godfather to one her children.


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