TITLE: Flesh and the Fiends
The-Flesh-and-the-FiendsALTERNATIVE TITLE: Mania
DIRECTOR: John Gilling
CAST: Peter Cushing, June Laverick, Donald Pleasence, George Rose, Melvyn Hayes, Billie Whitelaw
PLOT: Based on true-life tale of Edinburgh surgeon Robert Knox, who required cadavers to study in medical experiments and teaching. Graverobbers William Burke and William Hare supply him with bodies from the cemetery, until they discover “creating” fresh specimens is easier than digging them up.
MORAL OF THE STORY: When committing crime, it is best not to cut corners – if a crime’s worth doing, it worth doing properly
FUN FACT: The real-life Burke and Hare supplied Dr Knox with about a dozen “fresh” corprses in Edinburgh about 1827
140-WORD MINI REVIEW: Historical horror impresses with memorable cast and atmospheric and restrained re-telling of the infamous Burke and Hare story
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