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Donald Pleasence (1919-1995) was an English actor, who appeared in many British and American horror films, including Halloween, Prince of Darkness, Tales that Witness Madness, Death Line, From Beyond the Grave and The Uncanny.


Elizabeth Castle, Jersey’s Most Haunted

Elizabeth Castle
Elizabeth Castle on Jersey is the site of much bloodshed, history and hauntings over the centuries, says RICK HALE

Ten Bells: Haunted East London ‘Jack the Ripper’ Pub

The Ten Bells pub is a perfect place for those interest in the Jack the Ripper legend and tales of the paranormal
Victims of Jack the Ripper aren't the only ghosts to haunt The Ten Bells pub in Whitechapel, says RICK HALE

Ghostly Mists Haunt Caernarfon Castle

Caernarfon castle
Historic Caernarfon Castle in northern Wales is a hive of ghostly activity, with much to keep keen ghosthunters interested, says RICK HALE

5 Haunted Glasgow Pubs to Visit

Haunted Glasgow Pub
Fancy a ghost with your pint? MJ STEEL COLLINS picks five haunted Glasgow pubs in Glasgow

The Christmas ‘Werewolf’

The Christmas ‘Were-Wolf’
ANDREW GARVEY pre-empts the Christmas season with a tale of a Yuletide Werewolf!
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